This beautiful horse is a registered Paint.  He has pleasure horse breeding and is a real beauty.  His former life he was a roping horse that the owner actually roped cattle on him while helicopers were over head.  He has been used for hog hunting and real ranch work.  Yet when he came here to Tonkawood, he adapted to a new life in the ring and in the trail perfectly.  A horse that has had this much experience is rare when you are looking for trail safety.  He is safe, has a great mind, no spook or scare and just loves to do his job whatever you tell him.  He has taken to the Tonkawood life of pleasure riding, lessons, and versitle ranch horse work.  He is 9 years old and stands at 15 hands.  He has lots of color but is called does not have the Paint horse marking.


Wow traverling up the driveway with a student on him.

This is a picture of Wow with his former ranch owner.  He is shown here just getting off the trailer to “find” cows.

Here is Wow out on the ranch roping a cow.  Hard to see but the picture was taken with the helicoper.  Just too cool.  I had to show you these pictures as they are great!

Friends this is the most verstile horse we have had in a long time.


more pictures to follow