(sale pending)This wonderful horse is an absolute gem.  Reno is a 14 year old registered QuarterHorse with great breeding.  He goes back to Peppe San Badger and Smart Little Lena on his sire’s side and  San Pepe and Doc Barr breeding on his dam’s side.  The reason we show you his breeding is for anyone familiar with QH breeding these are premire horses bred for temperment.Reno was was a roping horse that has adjusted to his new life with great ease.  He will take a complete beginner safely or an experienced rider well.  He judges his passenger and behaves accordingly.  He has passed all his requirement with out a bobble..this is a good one folks.




Reno still has his winter coat as all our horses are out.

Reno has done all the tests we have and he is a complete star of a horse!