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March 15, 2018  Camp  Tandum riding fun

Trail riding at camp 2018



Cameron and Tom at their winning show the blues  Oct. 2017

Three of our horses were used last week for a Wounded Warrior Project. Splash, Texas and Dunny

It was a wonderful experience.  Two of the horses were owned by our customers and purchased from us. I am enclosing a story from Miss Tony


There was this veteran they called June Bug. He was a big guy who was full of anxiety. He came up to me and my horse visibly shaking. I asked him to take a deep breath and pet the horse. He complied. He got up in the saddle and I reminded him to breathe again. Things were getting better. As we walked and chatted, he started to calm down so I gave him the reins. In a hushed voice, he uttered, “This is the most incredible thing I have ever done.” We walked a bit longer in silence just taking in his moment. June Bug’s ride was over and we were parked under a tree. He was just sitting atop my big, sweet, beautiful palomino. That’s when it happened. They took one big breath together and there was peace.

June Bug dismounted and thanked me and my horse. He then asked if he could walk him around for a while. A little surprised I said of course he could. As the two of them walked away, Chappy (the leader of the group) told me that June Bug had joined the Army because his brother died serving our country, that he was carrying a huge load on his shoulders. June Bug was so afraid about coming out to meet the horses that he actually missed half the session. Somehow he mustered the courage to face his fear. Now he was far away from the group just walking and talking to my horse – no fear, no anxiety.

That folks, is the healing power of a horse. My prayer is that June Bug carries this memory with him and somehow, maybe every now and then, it helps him get through.

I have to thank the great folks at Tonkawood for finding me the kind of horse that can fulfill this role.

 –2016 Summer Camp fun with the beginning riders