Please call us for references. Pam and Pat have been in the horse business here in Texas now for 26 years. We do our utmost to make sure the horse you purchase from us work for you. We have a guarantee program and are happy to help you in any way we can to make sure you have the right partner for you needs. The well being of the horse is our utmost concern and we do not want any horse to go to anyone that is not a good fit. You have a 7 day guarantee on each horse to make sure it fits your needs. If for any reason the fit is wrong we guarantee to take the horse back and replace it. Over the years we have sold over 300 hundred horses from our farm here. Our goal is safety!!!! Some of our horses are aged, and most are in the teens and experience is paramount to determine the horse can serve a family, children, first time horse owners, and riders that want to get back in the saddle later in life. We encourage anyone that purchases a horse here to have your vet check if you have any concerns abut the soundness of each horse. All our horses come with new coggins and the vet ages and confirms the age of the horse on it’s coggins test.

Mayo with his new family!
We found Tonkawood almost a year ago and it has been a haven. Each time we arrive I feel like I can finally exhale. The property, the people, and the horses are all lovely. I feel so fortunate to have found this beautiful place for my daughter to learn (but also for me to enjoy)…. Highly recommend!
Heather Welty
Tonkawood Farms and Pat and Pam are the BEST! They are both so passionate and dedicated to matching the right horse with the right person! Their knowledge, skills, experience and advice made it such a wonderful experience for us! My daughter is a pretty new rider so this has set the foundation and joy for her life! Rio is an incredible horse! We could not be happier with him! And, we will all be great friends for life! What a great blessing!
Happy Trails!!!
Anna Huch Reed
Dear Pat and Pam,
We have searched for the last 18 months for a bombproof, kid friendly, grandpa safe, trail riding quarter horse.
It was a tall order.  Your expertise and relentless efforts resulted in our purchase of Kasey.  He has proven to meet all of our expectations.  Personally knowing how difficult it is to match horse with rider, you have provided our family with a welcome addition.  We appreciate your professionalism and tenacity in finding the fit for us.
Any prospective buyers can rest assured that they will be handled with honesty, integrity, and knowledgeable evaluations.
You ladies are the best!
Paul & Brenda
Weatherford,  Texas

Dear Ms. Pat and Ms. Pam,

We are so happy to have found such a caring place! We came looking for a nice horse for our children after an awful experience and not only did we walk away with the perfect horse, but we got TWO AMAZING horses!!! They are the most gentle, sweet and loving horses we could have asked for. Because of you, our kids have regained their confidence and passion for horses! We could not have asked for a more perfect match. We love that even our four year old can go out and feed the horses and give them treats all by herself – they are THAT gentle! Thanks again, Sunny and Tonka have changed our lives for the better and so have you both!

Thanks again,

Cooper Family


Subject: Billings

I wanted to let you and Pam know how much I am enjoying the horse my brother and I bought from you.  His name was Billings, I now call him Bling(Montana Billings), We bought him in the end of October and it is now mid March. I just finished riding him after a three week layoff. He was wonderful.  His is very gentle and obedient. I am almost 70 years old and had not ridden in about 10-15 years.  Bling is just what I wanted.  He is good on the galter and good under saddle. My grandkids are enjoying him and learning how to lead and groom a horse.  Thanks for Bling, he is the horse I need at this stage of my life.

Sharyl Peters


Jax (that’s how we spell it for short) is staying right where he is. I know the 7 days is coming up, so I wanted to let you know he’s ours forever. We’ve ridden every day since he got here, done ground work, worked on some manners, introduced him to other horses in the pasture. Even other students at the barn have ridden him. He’s done everything calmly, patiently, and he’s a very quick learner. Anytime we think he may not know something, turns out it’s user error and it’s me. LOL! I can make him back up now by just raising a finger and pointing! We are 100% smitten with him. And it appears the feeling is mutual….if I walk out of site at the barn he calls out to me. It’s the cutest thing!

We had Dr. Moore out to xray his left fetlock since it has a larger place on it at the joint, but he said he’s 100% sound and it’s just an old injury that he had who knows when….bone just got a little spur on it, but it won’t affect him at all. He did flexions again and nothing. He can do anything we want him to do no problem. He’s very healthy. It was good to get a baseline for the future just in case.

Jax loves my kids it seems….he’ll walk around following them in the pasture. He may think they have a cookie however….haha! He is really starting to bloom out here…his coat is shinier, his mane/tail are looking great, etc. I am treating his hooves every night to thicken them up. We’re getting him some pads next time the farrier is out to assist with the growth. He just got moved into a pasture with Zeus and Loki….they all hit it off right away. So he’s some buddies now!

Thank you SOOOO much for Jax. He is the best horse in the world, and we could not possibly be happier. We will most certainly be back as soon as we’re ready for another! Most likely by spring….that’s when our barn should be ready.

Feel free to check in anytime! We so appreciate you and Pam.

The Reddings

Kerry Redding


Allure Real Estate



On Sun, Sep 18, 2016 at 5:38 PM, Pat Dickey <> wrote:

Hooray………..he looks so pretty…


From: Kerry Redding [

Hooray…he is one of the best we have ever had……..may I post this on the reference column?   Pat


From: Sonya Gasdia []
Sent: Monday,
To: Pat Dickey
Subject: Splash


Hello Miss Pat,
I wanted you to know that Splash loves it at the farm and has settled in quite nicely with his “big brother” Stetson. He is a great horse and I consider myself fortunate to have him. He’s definitely a keeper!

Thank you for continuing your work at Tonkawood and helping folks like me to find safe, dependable horses.

Sonya Gasdia

Some references from our customers…we are happy to provide references and telephone numbers for you to CHECK US OUT!

Yes, please title the photo:

Aoki, a Hanoverian mare, photo by owner Wena Poon

(I’m a photographer!) … I changed her name to Aoki when I got her…
On Jul 1, 2016, at 10:48 AM, Pat Dickey <> wrote:

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How beautiful she looks…you are a good “MOM” may I put this on my website?   Pat


From: Wena Poon []
Sent: Friday,
To: Klotz Pam; Dickey Pat
Subject: Happy July Fourth!


Dear Pam and Pat, wishing you and your family a happy July Fourth!


It’s been more than 2.5 years since I adopted Holly, a black mare, from your farm. We are still at Rio Vista Farm where she lives in a giant pasture with a free-ranging herd. I ride her every weekend. She still remembers her training very beautifully, although of course with herd life and no trainer, she and I have bargained for exactly how much time she has to work versus play. She only works part-time she says.


Here is a photo of her. Have a great holiday weekend!






No thank yall and as i said you send anybody my way and i will gladly give you and pam my recomendation. Which i dint give out lightly

 Call me at anytime.


MLMayo, owner

Crooked Tree of Texas

Log Ranch Homes & Cabins

and Ranch Services



Oh my gosh…thank you so much…you have made all our time and effort worth while…we really appreciate your kind words…your granddaughter is awesome….great great pictures….


From: Crooked Tree of Texas []


Well miss Dickey hope all is well with you and Pam.  This is MLMayo who bought the big grey horse lonesome.  My grand daughter was coleman rodeo queen this year and headed up the Coleman County Cowgirls.  Her and the grey stole the show. Just wanted to thank you for selling me this horse. The honesty and integrity you and pam displayed is rare. Especially when buying a horse. Will be talking to yall soon to but another



MLMayo, owner

Crooked Tree of Texas

Log Ranch Homes & Cabins

and Ranch Services





Ok Pam! Today I put on my big girl panties and tacked up Smoke and went for a ride! He is absolutely fantastic for this old lady! Husband is out of town so nobody home! Had some qualms about doing this when by myself, but couldn’t wait! Smoke hadn’t been ridden in over a week because he pulled a shoe and weather, but he was quite the gentleman and plodded up and down the hills even spooking a doe, which didn’t phase him! Think he is going to be just what this old lady needs! Thank you for representing him just as he is!

Sent from my iPhone

 Beth Rogalski wrote” “Hi Pat and Pam

This summer it will be two years since we got Sparky.

Thought you might enjoy the pictures.”


Beth Rogalski”


Dear Pat and Pam,

Here is a short video with me riding my PRETTY on the farm. She is so wonderful and riding her is a real pleasure. Thank you so much”

Love Shirley Chambers”

This is a picture of Pretty.  I was not able to open the video with my limited knowledge.  Shirley came and bought Pretty after having a bad time with other horse purchases from other people. She wanted so badly to ride and we found her her dream horse, Pretty.  A good ending for all.


Don’t know if you remember us but we bought Diego from you 7 years ago.  He and Allison have since won Comal County Rodeo Queen and are on the Texas Tech Rodeo team barrel racing!”

Janice Humphrey

Hollimon Oil Corporation

8610 New Braunfels,  Suite 705

San Antonio Texas 78217


” Hi, Pat,

We are in love with Copper! River has made leaps and bounds this week..Riding everyday..Copper is a sweetheart and takes very good care of River.”(River is her six year old son).

I am sure we will be in the market soon for our 4 year old.  Scout, so we will hit u up when that time comes.  It was such a pleasure meeting y’all. Wished we lived closer to come ride together.  Thanks again and I send picture/videos along!”

New  owner River riding his horse on his ranch …age 6

Email send from Beverly Oats

We got to ride on the beach this past Monday… Sea Rim State park over near Beaumont. Fun!

Most definitely! You all are probably tired of hearing this but you match me with the perfect horse!


Yes you can and I will send you some more pictures soon.

Sent from my iPhone

><> wrote:
> oh wow…did they hit the jackpot with owners like you…may I post this on my site for references?   Thanks for the update…Pat
> —– Original Message —– From: “Erin” <>
> To: “Pat Dickey” <>
> Cc: “Pam Klotz” <>
> Sent: Tuesday, December 08, 2015 10:21 PM
> Subject: Dakota
> Took this picture today and thought about y’all.  It has been just about a year since we bought Cosmo and Dakota and wanted to let you know they are both doing great.  Dakota has blossomed and his dapples have come out and he is absolutely beautiful.  He and I have a truly special bond.  We love them a lot!!!  They are enjoying the laid back life style here.  Hope you and your family have a safe and very Merry Christmas.  Will send more pictures soon of Cosmo and Dakota.
> Erin Shinogle


Dear Pat and Pam,
My husband, Rik, loves Uno and so do I!  He is the perfect gentleman and a real pleasure to ride and have in the family. Even my temperamental mare loves him.
We’ve had him for almost three months now, and he is proving to be a trustworthy riding horse. He is steady confident. We are appreciating his training. He neck reins like a champ and is very responsive.
He has settled into the routine and he seems to like us as much as we like him.
We also think he is exceptionally handsome!!!

Thanks from Robbin and Rik Chapman,
Georgetown, Texas




from: Marc Van Orden <>
To: “” <>
Subject: testimonial

My family and I met Mrs. Pat and Pam in December 2014. We were interested in the possible purchase of a horse. We were very pleased to meet and talk to both ladies. They are very knowledgable about their horses and took the time to listen to us about what we were looking for and helped us find the horse best suited for our family. Our experience with them has helped us feel safe and confident in owning  now three horses all from Tonkawood. My family couldn’t be happier. They are always there to support us and help us with any questions or concerns we’ve ever had. They are very honest people who we trust explicitly when it comes to horses. They have helped guide us every step of the way from our first purchase, to teaching us how to ride properly and safely to finally having three wonderful horses at our own home. We know they will always be there for us anytime for anything. I have watched them over and over again work with novices and advanced riders alike. We feel very blessed to of found Tonkawood and know that we would not of had such a great experience getting into horses if it weren’t for them.

The Van Orden Family,
Marc, Andie, Emma(10) and Bear(7)


 In June of 2013 I needed to find something for my daughter to do that would boost her confidence and self-esteem.  I discussed finding a place for her to take riding lessons with another parent that I had known for a few years and trusted.  She recommended Pam Klotz at Tonkawood Farm.  I also had another friend agree.  Both these friends were horse people and had done business with Tonkawood.

It didn’t take long for Amber to find herself at home among the kind people and great horses at Tonkawood.  As her first year of riding came to a close she competed in the Burnet County Rodeo Queen Competition and her first horse show.  She was quiet successful in both endeavors.  More importantly she had confidence to assist younger students and potential clients in prepping horses for a ride.  Many adults have complemented Amber on her poise and ability to speak with little kids as well as adults.  As her 2nd year at Tonkawood rapped up, when most 15 year olds are focused on boys and the mall, I am very glad to see that Amber is focused on her horse, Cody purchased from Tonkawood in June 2015, and learning as much as she can from Pam in order to peruse her own career working with horse.

Amber is not the only one that has benefited.  I have been on a journey to recapture part of my past.  I have been involved with horses since I was 12.  I started off as a student and showing in my early teens.  In my twenties I became a student again.  In between these periods I worked at a day camp teaching riding and trained a couple of my own horses.  Career, special education teacher, and family redirected my energies.

I started helping Tonkawood students tack their horses and assisted in the care of the horses.   I was invited to assist with Spring Break Camp in 2014.  It was an amazing experience I forgot how much I loved sharing my love of horses with children.  Pam and I have similar teaching styles and she ask me to help work with the beginners.   I stress safety, confidence and control with all my students no matter their age.  I work with students individually until Pam and I are confident they will be safe riding in the larger arena and on the trails at the ranch.

Amber and I definetly enjoy being part of the Tonkawood family.  And that is what we are a family of people with a common interest – the equestrian life style and the wellbeing of our horses.


Much Love and Gratitude to Tonkawood Farm!!

Lisa and Amber Fern




We are so thankful to have found Tonkawood.  We were new to the horse world and they made the process so easy for us. We purchased our first horse a year ago and he ended up needing a better rider and we were matched with a perfect horse as a trade. They really want everyone to have the right horse and will do what it takes to get you the right horse. We purchased two more horses a few weeks later for our girls(11 & 9) and another for my husband.  We now have Austin, King, Fred, and Miloh from Tonkawood. We are lucky to live very close so Pam has been instructing us over the past year.  We are out there 4-5 times a week and we love riding our horses as well as riding the new horses that come in.  It’s been a great opportunity for our family to ride various horses to increase our riding ability. Pat and Pam buy amazing horses and really focus on getting broke horses. The only bad part about being so close is that we always find new horses we want.  Linda Miles




I’ve texted some of these to Pam, but thought you’d like to have them too.  Still need to get one of all three boys with Moonshine/Sunshine.  Sonny is, obviously, the most excited of all and refers to him as “MY Moonshine”.  Ry was very excited about giving him a bubble bath today and proudly announced to Jack that he “made Moonshine smell really good”.  Moonshine and Steinheimer/Theo are getting along great as pasture buddies.  Leigh and I are growing quite attached to Steinheimer – the big beautiful boy.  I’ve enjoyed riding him, and all of our issues seem to be worked out.  Now, I just have to get back into shape to really have fun!  I can’t thank you, and esp. Pam, enough for all of your effort to get everyone settled and happy.  She REALLY went above and beyond. In almost 30 years, I’ve never known anyone in the horse world that would have been so willing to help make things right.  We are so glad to have these boys and everyone around here is busy spoiling them royally!





Definitely!  If you need me to send in a smaller version just let me know.  When I get a chance I will also send you one of Cosmo.  He has really filled out nicely and his color is beautiful as well.

I saw the new grey on your website OMG, I would love to scoop him up but we have a barn filled for now.  My first horse was a grey I had her for 17 years, love Greys!!


Sent from my iPhone

> , at 1:03 PM, “Pat Dickey” <> wrote:
> Oh my gosh…he looks beautiful…..can I post him on my reference site? Pat
> —– Original Message —– From: “Erin” <>
> To: “Pat Dickey” <>
> Sent: Monday, May 04, 2015 3:15 PM
> Subject: Dakota
> Hope all is well.  We r all doing great.  Dakota finally shed his winter coat and I thought y’all would like to see how beautiful he is!!!!  He is such a sweet heart and am excellent ride.
> Have a great day.
> Erin Shingole

Hi Pat,


I wanted to let you know that Fargo and Kayla are getting along great and make a good team!  We went on a 3 hour trail ride at Parrie Haynes ranch this past weekend and he did wonderfully.  We went up and down some hills and crossed several creeks and Fargo handled it all wonderfully.  He is also just a super nice horse to be around and has a sweet, kind personality.    I’ve attached a couple of pictures from our trail ride and you can see how relaxed both Fargo and Kayla look!  We’re looking forward to many more trail rides with him!




Seeing all those lovely photos of the kids at winter camp makes me wish I was 10 again and starting all over with horses.  What a blessing they have been in my life.  Bless you all for what you do for the kids and the horses!

Louann Hendricks, owner of Blue Bayou, purchased from Tonkawood in ’07

Roswell, NM
e you an update on Gunner *used to be Slick – he’s fabulous! He is doing great with the kids. I use him as my lesson horse for my clients and my kids and husband ride him quite often. He’s even teaching the youngest to ride – remember I was pregnant when we bought him?!?

Hope your Christmas was great. Just thought you’d like to know he’s still happy and going strong – and spoiled~

Jenn, Jeff, Gray, Mika, Kait and Jess Johnson

Sent Dec. 18, 2014

Sent from a wonderful family that purchased Cosmos and My Pal (now called Dakota). They came all the way from Louisiana.

 Horses are adjusting quite well despite the numerous inches of rain we have been having. Cosmo and Madeline went to the trainer today and had a nice workout, he has been a little mouthy lately but we are getting that out of him.  Dakota (palomino) has completely stolen my heart as well as my sons lol.  He is an absolute sweetheart both of them really.  Will keep u posted
Have a happy new year.
Sent: Thursday, December 11, 2014 1:55 PM

Subject: Merry Christmas!


Dear Pat,


It’s been nearly a year since I got this black mare, Holly, from Tonkawood Farm. She is doing well and we are getting along. She now knows who I am and will follow me everywhere. I do everything I can to make sure she has the best, stress-free, single-owner-and-rider life. She has put on a few pounds. She doesn’t wear horse shoes anymore and her hooves have been doing very well. Lately she abandoned her mare best friend and hooked up with a gelding “boyfriend”. Dr Moore is still her vet but she doesn’t really have any health problems. Thanks for introducing me to a good friend for life! May you all have a lovely Christmas over there at the farm!





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, at 4:41 PM, Pat Dickey <> wrote:

Great picture..can I post it on the reference column?  Thanks, Pat

—– cheap oakleys sunglasses Original Message —–

From: Harris, Franklin


Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2014 3:13 PM

Subject: Thanks


Just wanted to say thanks for all your help in getting us matched with the right horse for Kathy.


I have attached a picture of Kathy riding Levi..


Thanks again,


Franklin and Kathy Harris

Comanche, Tx

Kathy and Levi

Fiesta and his new owner

Of course!! Fiestas first rodeo is on the 15th so I’ll send lots of pics. I’ve already talk to Pam and told her I want another gelding for myself and my daughter. If you come across anything please let me know. No trade in! We are keeping fiesta  we talked about payment plans and I’m very interested in that. Thanks again!

Sent from my iPhone
On Nov 7, 2014, at 6:48 AM, “Pat Dickey” <> wrote:

hooray……..what a great story Fiesta is……may I post your email on our reference column?   Thanks, Pat

—– Original Message —–

From: Stephanie

To: Pat Dickey

Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2014 6:47 PM

Subject: Re:


Hi Pat,

We cannot tell you enough how much we love Fiesta and the joy he brings to our family. I could not ask for a more perfect horse then Fiesta is for my 5 year old daughter. He gives my daughter the confidence she need to learn how to ride and become a true cowgirl!  From the bottom of our hearts we thank you!


Love the Ellis Family

Sent from my iPhone
On Nov 6, 2014, at 6:30 PM, “Pat Dickey” <> wrote:

Here are the charts………Pat




We got Jango (Funny) home with no problems.  He is a great horse and knows what we want before we do.  He is so patient as Robert teaches me how to saddle him up, even when I mess up he just waits for me to fix my mistakes.  He loves to be groomed and will let us walk up to him to catch him with no issues.  The dogs and cattle do not bother him at all.  He is quick to respond into a trot and would lope if I was ready to let him go faster.  I am sending a picture of Jango in his new home.  As you can see, he has plenty of grass, but he still looks for his horse pellets each morning.  I am working on getting him to try an apple, carrot, or treat but he will not even try them yet.


He is the perfect horse for us!  In fact Robert may be ready to find his horse sooner than he thought.  I  rode Jango to the tank to check the water level after all of the rain and when I got back he told me it looked like so much fun he wanted his horse too.  He is trying to get me to give him Jango and get a new one for me.  I’m not trading horses!



Sept 25, 21014

Beau was on Ed’s bucket list.  You go Ed.  He is having a ball riding.


Hi Pat;


Just a note to thank you for the horse (Beau) that I purchased from you. He has worked out wonderful for me. You said this was the horse for me and you were right! I couldn’t be more pleased. I wanted a safe horse and you fixed me up with a safe horse. In addition I want to thank You, your husband Bill and your daughter Pam for the exception experience I had in working with you in buying this horse as well. I felt very comfortable with you which made it a fun experience.


Thank you all!


Best Wishes!



On 8/29/2014 3:19 PM, Pat Dickey wrote:
> I think he thinks he died and went to heaven….he looks so
> fancy…can I post on the web?  Thanks, Pat

Sure!  He and I would be honored. 

> —– Original Message —– From: “Beverly Oakes” <>
> To: “Pat Dickey” <>
> Sent: Friday, August 29, 2014 2:14 PM
> Subject: Skip got some new cloths
>> Check out Skip’s fancy new ‘clothes’. Such a pretty horse needs
>> turquoise and rawhide.  I am liking the new stirrups that keep feet
>> level, too.  Thank you again for finding the perfect horse for me!
>> Beverly
Hi Pat and Pam,

I purchased Hollywood from you back in late March. I thought I would update you and send you a picture of him. The attached picture is one from my bridal portraits. He was in the process of shedding off his winter coat. When I eventually remember to take a picture, I will send you one with the way he currently looks.

He’s been at Sixty Equestrian Center with Linda and Lisa. He’s been getting better and better every day. He goes over small jumps and is looking better in the Dressage arena each lesson. The kids love him, and he is unofficially referred to as the “greeter” because he is next to the entrance gate and enjoys greeting everyone. Lisa and Linda have been wonderful, and he wouldn’t have come this far without them.

My [now] husband and I will be in the process of looking for another horse soon (maybe within the next 1-2 years). Our house is being built now, so once we get acclimated, we will build a small barn. I will email you when the time comes around for that.

Take care and thank you!

Ashleigh (Gauntner) Zelenak


Hi Pat and Pam –

Please see attached letter to both of you.  Feel free to use any or all
of it on your website.:-)

Thanks again!
June 6, 2014

Dear Pat & Pam-

We just came from another wonderful lesson with you, Pam. I think it is time I tried to put into words some of my thankfulness for what you have both done for me and my husband.

After 4 years with a very ‘on edge’ horse and coming off him on several occasions, one which was about a year ago and injured my neck badly, I had more or less given up on riding. I hadn’t gotten on my horse for almost 2 months when I met you. I lost my enjoyment of it as I was constantly more and more fearful that at any moment my horse would come unglued.  My husband, Dan, has a wonderful horse and he really wanted us to be able to ride again together. We finally decided we needed to find me a new horse and started the search. The first horse I ‘test-rode’ had obviously been drugged.  This set me back another notch, as I didn’t think I could trust anyone who wanted to sell me a horse.  Then I found Tonkawood Farms online, was impressed with what I read and my husband contacted you, Pat, and told you my story – what I had been thru and the fear I was dealing with.  You encouraged us to come to visit and meet you personally.  We did this and from the moment I met both of you, I had the feeling that you understood the fear I was dealing with. Though you showed me some horses during the first couple visits and I rode one of them, there was never a bit of pressure to ‘push’ a horse on me. Pam, you reassured me that in talking with me and watching me ride, you could begin a search for a horse that was a good match for me. Because of the fear I was dealing with I thought I didn’t want a paint horse (because the one who had bucked/spooked was a paint), I didn’t want a big horse (just seemed scarier) and I thought I wanted an older horse (seemed like older would be calmer – though the one I was getting rid of was 16 years old).

Pam found me Skip. He is a paint, he is big (16+ hands) and he just turned 8. But, when I met him, I was instantly drawn to him. Yes, I had plenty of fear, but it just seemed right to give him a chance. As I rode him around the round pen for the first time, you reassured me that this horse would not hurt me.  I began to feel a wee bit more at ease.  I did not make up my mind during that visit, but went home and planned another visit to ride him again.  I thought about him constantly and think I already knew then that he was the horse for me.  I actually didn’t realize how big he was a first, until I went to load him in a trailer and saw he stood a tad taller than my husband’s horse. Between lessons with Skip and gradually working up to more and more range, riding in the neighborhood and park areas, I am beginning to get my confidence back again and really enjoy riding again. Skip is a wonderful horse, both on the ground and when I am in the saddle.  I see signs of his trust in me and it is wonderful to have a horse that I feel I can trust. Every day, I am more and more amazed at how even-tempered he is. I don’t think a better horse for me could be found. Pam, you have a real gift in matching horse with rider.

It is hard for me to express just how much your patience, understanding and care in helping me ‘get back in the saddle again’ have meant. I have already told several people about you all and would not hesitate to refer someone looking for a horse to you.  They would be in good hands!

With heartfelt thanks,

Beverly & Dan Oakes

Attached are a couple of the pictures Pam took today.  They are .jpg
format.  I am going to work on getting a little write up/testimonial
done for you.

Thanks again for all your help and encouragement!


—–Original Message—–
From: Pat Dickey <>
To: DeanButler <>
Sent: Tue, Jun 3, 2014 7:32 am
Subject: Re: Risky

Hooray………may I post your email on the reference web?

yes, I am happy to help with getting the good word out on good people.


Thanks and I know you will love Risky…we all said he is a “person in a horse suit”….keep us in the loop.


Thanks, Pat

—– Original Message —–

From: DeanButler


Sent: Monday, June 02, 2014 4:10 PM

Subject: Re: Risky


We are excited about Risky.  I rode him yesterday using both of our saddles.  Mounted up on him using the mounting block.  He loaded on the trailer just fine.  He gets along with the other horse we have and doesn’t pay the donkeys any mind at all.  Put fly mask on him with no problems and applied fly spray with no issues.  I called him in from the back of the pasture and he came a trotting up.  So he looks like the perfect horse for us.


Les is an amazing horse person.  I wish I knew horses like she does.  She was so patience with us and answered all of our questions.


Thank you for working with us.  I think you were right about us not having the right environment for Pecos.  Looks like he needs to have a job where he works routinely and he wasn’t going to get the opportunity to work with us.  We tend to feed and pet more than we ride and work them, so Risky looks like a good match.  He is laid back like our other horse and enjoys being around us.


Thanks again for your help and understanding.  Nice to know there are people who run their business with a lot of heart.


Take care.


Dean Butler

Reverent Ikels and his wife on Tonkawood horses.

June 3, 2014

June 3, 2014

Hi Pat!  Just wanted to let you know we arrived safely home with Vegas.  We turned him out to graze as soon as we arrived (only after Annie showered him with hugs and kisses, of course!).  We had a heck of a time trying to catch him later on, though!  We were simply trying to approach him and slip a rope around his neck, but NOPE, he definitely wasn’t having any of that!  It took about 45 min. of attempting before my oldest daughter suggested that perhaps he didn’t like the rope.  She just put the rope behind her back, walked straight up to him and slipped it around him! He’s been golden ever since!  Doesn’t like rope…note taken!  We just love him sooooo much and are greatly enjoying “figuring” him out.  I wanted to thank you and Pam for all of your efforts in selecting only the best kids’ horses and taking the time to make a perfect match.  Annie truly feels this is the horse she’s been dreaming about and is definitely in love with him.  Thank you so much and we will be in touch with pictures and updates on our new joy    ~Beth Carter




Pat ,

When I first spoke with you over the phone, I told you I was in my fifties, a very timid rider due some bad experiences with horses.  You took time to listen to my story of how I’ve purchased horses from other people.

One horse was sold to me as a beginner/childs horse who would trail ride, and if it didn’t work out I could return the horse.  The first week we had the horse, the horse bucked my 29 year old daughter off and she broke her back and pelv2is.  She is fully recovered and doing great.  When I called and told the people I purchased the horse from, they said they could not take the horse back, because he was too dangerous and they wouldn’t be able to resale him!  I had the horse less than a week!!

I bought another horse from someone else, who also agreed, in writing to purchase the horse or sale him for me if he didn’t work out.  I also told them the same thing, that I am a beginner, scared, but really want to learn to ride.  The woman suggested I take lessons on the horse at her place for a month.   My “lessons” included watching the woman ride the horse I purchased and follow her around on her lesson horse in an arena.  After the month was over, she suggested I leave the horse (paying board and for lessons) for a couple more months, so I could learn to ride the horse I purchased.  I told her the horse wasn’t for me and I wanted her the buy the horse back.  She said she didn’t have the money to buy him back, but she would sell him for me.  She kept him for another 3 months, (while I paid for board).  One day while at her place, I met a couple of prospective buyers that had seen my horse advertised on her website.   When they saw my horse, they told me they called and asked about the horse and they said the woman said he was not broke enough for a beginner, but that she had other beginner horses for sell that they should come look at.  When I heard this, I asked her to remove the horse from her website and I brought the horse home, still afraid to ride him.  I have spent thousands of dollars with well known instructors and I have learned a lot, but still can not sit on my horse without feeling panic.   He is a very well breed, double registered horse, but he is not a beginner horse.

Still wanting to learn to ride and not be terrified, I wasn’t sure I could ever trust horses or horse sellers.  I found Tonkawood while searching for horses.  I watched their website for several months, noticing they sold a lot of horses and that kids rode at their place regularly.  I decided to chance it, and called.  Pat, you spent a lot of time listening and assuring me you understood what I needed in a horse.  Instead of telling me, to come and buy a horse, you said you would let me know when you had a horse that might work for me.  You said you didn’t want me to waste gas coming down, until you had a horse for me to consider.  Several weeks later you contacted me and said you had prospects for me.

I drove to Tonkawood and met you and your daughter, Pam.  You had told Pam my story, so when I got there, I didn’t have to waste my time explaining my fears to her.  You told me Pam was very good at matching horses with people.   Pam showed me a gray horse, named Cosmo and said he was a good horse for me to try.  When I first saw Cosmo, I thought, I don’t really like the color gray; however, I also thought, I’d rather have a gray horse and be able to ride safely, than stay scared for the rest of my life.  She saddled him and had a couple of different kids ride him around the property through various obstacles.  Pam walked him to the round pen and she lead me around the round pen.  I got scared, because the horse raised his head to look at something and told her I wanted to get off.  She let me get off and suggested that Cosmo would be a good fit for me and she could help me with lessons.  I thought to myself “Here I go again.  Wasting money.”  Pam seemed so confident and kind, I finally convinced myself to try one more time.

On my third lesson, Pam had me trotting around on Cosmo without fear!  I’m so grateful to Pam for her willingness to teach me.  That third lesson with Pam was the first time in my life that I ever trotted on a horse, (on purpose)!  Learning how to safely and confidently ride a horse is an  amazing experience.  Every lesson I take with Pam I learn so much and feel empowered to continue to move forward.

What I would like people to know is this:  If they are looking for a horse, please contact Tonkawood.  You and Pam are knowledgeable, honest, safe, listen and care for people and horses.  Pam has a very special gift of being able to match horse and rider.  She is a fantastic teacher.  I have learned more from Pam and progress farther in 5 weeks, than in years with other instructors.  A mismatched horse and rider can be a disaster, but a matched horse and rider is amazing.  The two hour drive I make each way to take lessons is worth every penny I spend on gas.  Thank you so much for giving the me gift of pursuing my dream.

Cathy Patterson

P.S.  I have decided that a gray horse named Cosmo is the most beautiful horse I’ve ever seen!  He chose to join me on my journey in life.  What a wonderful partner I have, thanks to you and Pam.

May 4, 2014

Bev and her “new beau”, Skip.  Happy, happy!!!

March 4, 2014

Good Morning Pat,



I wanted to say thank you again for the best horse ever for Harley. You and Pam are special people to provide such quality horses and truly care not only about the safety of our loved ones but the best fit for these special horses.

I wanted to tell you about my 17 yr old mare (the alpha horse at the farm) and her immediate bonding with Duke. I kept Duke in the round pen (with a make shift covered area since the cold weather was coming) for about 36 hours to get him acquainted to the new area and let the other horses meet him first through a safe metal, high fence before turning them all together. The two other paints have been sold and I am waiting on the new owner to come pick them up when the weather allows. Anyway, Monday morning Harley and I got the other horses in another catch pen and put a halter on Duke and got him out by himself. We walked him to the other barn, the big pond and to where the big bales of hay were located. We took his halter off and let him roam around for about 4 hours by himself. I came back out to the farm and then turned my old mare out with him, leaving the other two horses in the catch pen. My old mare walked to where Duke was, sniffed of him, and then they started walking to the grazing hill that had a little green grass. They grazed there for about 5 minutes and then she walked toward the big pond with him following. It was like she wanted to show him the “watering hole”. Really made me appreciate her kind nature.

About 5:30 that evening, after I had fed them their evening meal, I turned all four horses out together. The paint mare immediately ran toward Duke and was trying to bite and kick him and my “alpha” mare came running to his defense, ears backed, biting at the paint that was trying to hurt her new pal. My mare won, keeping Duke from any contact with the paint, running the paint AWAY from him. Every time the paint would even walk toward Duke, my mare would run her off again. I was so glad she was defending him. Before Duke got there, I have seen my mare put the paint in her place several times so I was glad her behavior was consistent in being the bossy lady!

Last night when I went to feed, Duke went into his original holding pen to eat and the others ate in their usual feeding locations. When they finished eating, my mare and Duke paired up and walked off together. So glad they have bonded well! Harley and I are really looking forward to our rides together but our weather has not been cooperating so far.

I have attached a photo of Harley with Duke. I thought you might like it for your website.

I will send more photos when we actually get to ride the horses together. I took a picture of my mare and Duke walking off into the pasture together. I am sending it too because it shows how quickly they hit it off. Picture was taken after about 2 minutes walking together.

Thanks again for the best horse ever!!!!!


Barbara Miles




> On Feb 22, 2014, at 8:51 AM, “Pat Dickey” <> wrote:
> Well now I have to cry………thanks so much for this ringing endorsement………we do try and love folks such as you all that realize what we do and appreciate it……..sometime is not all that easy to make a match but we work hard at it.  May I post this on our reference site?  Pat
> —– Original Message —– From: “Kelli Hall” <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Saturday, February 22, 2014 8:10 AM
> Subject: To whom it may concern
>>> To whom it may concern
>>> My family and I can not say enough about Tonkawood, Pat and Pam.  We think so highly of them and their capabilities in matching horse to rider we are now hauling our fourth family member home purchased from Tonkawood in less than a year.
>>> We have been more than impressed and are extremely happy with each horse we have purchased from them.
>>> I can’t stress enough to anyone interested in purchasing a horse to really make it a point in detailing out to Pat and Pam “exactly” what you are wanting and seeking in a companion horse.  The more you share the better they can and will do in choosing the right match for you or whom you are purchasing for.
>>> We were so impressed we came back to Pat and Pam to find us the best match for our four year old grandson and today we are taking him home.
>>> These are honest individuals that care about horses and the people who want to share in the experience of horses.
>>> Granted my husband and I don’t do anything show related or fancy with our horses.  We are simple weekend trail riders who enjoy our horses and the trails but we know what we want and a quality horse when we see one.  You truly get what you pay for in partnering with Pat & Pam.
>>> We are sure to have more grand children and are thrilled to have such a partner and place to trust for our future safe equine needs.
>>> Thank you Pat & Pam for being who you are and caring so much about us, the riders, and our equine companions.
>>> We love and truly appreciate all of your efforts.  You will always hold a special place in our families heart.  We look forward to our continued endeavors with you.
>>> Kelli & Andrew Hall
>>> Riesel, Texas
Thought you would enjoy a couple of pics of the girls riding Little Man.  They have ridden him the past 2 days and are really enjoying him.  Today I let them ride in our pasture and they did wonderfully.

Happy New Year!

Jeanette Fields

Little Man and Snickers, one of our former Tonkawood horses!!! What joy for these girls.

Hello Pat and Pam, and Merry Christmas!


Just an update on the horse I bought from Tonkawood in November. Clipper was re-named Beau and has been awesome for me. I feel very safe riding him. He has adjusted well to his new home. Pam helped me a lot by advising on the way he is accustomed to being ridden. Since then, I have found him  be agreeable and reliable. I have learned that he ground ties and opens gates.  He is coming along with lifting his back feet. Most of all, I feel safe on him in a group and solo on the 500 acre farm where I board.  Many thanks for helping me find a good match! I have recommended you to others in Katy, Texas,




Have a blessed 2014,


Karen Hollenberg


PS- I have sent Pam a few pics from my phone, but none saved to the computer (if you want to use on your website)


Hello Pat,  Of course you may share Nifty’s story   He is such a love and such a perfect match for me. Thank You for what you do for the forgotten and “throw away” horses.  I am involved with several rescue groups and am looking into one that has just opened near my home.  People like you who rehab and place them in loving homes will have a special place in heaven and have a special place in my heart.  Keep up the good work,  God Bless,  Cathie Orr
On Oct 11, 2013, at 6:13 AM, Pat Dickey wrote:


Dear Nifty, what a day brightener from you.  It looks like you are in horse heaven.  It has been years since you left Texas and boy have you got it made my friend.  Stories like yours make us so proud of the effort we try to make on behalf of our equine friends.  Thanks, ask your Mom if I can post this on the web for others to see.   Thanks, Pat



Dear Pat,   My mom said if I didn’t write soon you might forget me but I will NEVER forget you!  I am still so grateful you sent me to California and that you found the perfect match for me, my mom! She loves me soooo much and spends all her money and time taking care of the three of us. ( I now have a brother as well as the BIG sister that was here when I arrived. )  Life has been grand since the day I arrived!  My mom and I went on many a long trail ride, just the two of us until she noticed I was starting to stumble.  I didn’t want to complain as we both enjoyed our rides and time together but, being the mom,  she got our favorite vet over to check things out and together they decided it was time for me to longer carry extra weight on my back.  It was a sad day but mom takes me for walks away from my pastures mates and we spend time together that way.  I also hang out in the barn with her when the others head back down to pasture and she spends the longest time massaging and scratching my whole body.  I stay with her until she hugs me and says “sorry bubba, I can’t do it a minute longer”.  One time she told me she had been working on me for 1 1/2 hrs.  Wish I could carry her around again to show her how much I love it and appreciate it but she says she knows.  The first picture below,  is the silly stockings mom got to help my arthritic knee…she’s a sucker for any new Hacked gadget that might help but this one was ridiculous!  I looked like a hairy ballerina.  She finally found a wonderful knee brace that keeps my knee all secure and warm, I like this one, it really helps on these cold winter nights.  I also take Previcox to help with the pain.  All in all I’m a healthy boy.  I’ve had issues with my teeth all along but I get them floated and checked up every year and mom took the hay away and soaks my senior pellets so I’m doing just fine with the eating.  I didn’t mind the hay being gone because I can be on pasture all day long if I want.  Cookies and carrots are bountiful her but mom has to chop my carrots up  real tiny so I don’t choke and I’m real special because I get the soft cookies.  One day she forgot and so she chewed them up herself and she hates carrots.  She said “YUK, this is true love Nifty.  Grooming is something I love almost as much as massage.  When I first came I didn’t care to much about any of those things and I was afraid to have my face touched.  Now, you can clean my ears, nose, eyes, brush my teeth, and kiss me all over my nose.  I love that the best!  Oh yeah, mom says I’m a talker because as soon as I see her I start chortling.  That’s what she calls it but I just think I’m talking.  She loves it I can tell because she chortles right back at me.  We have quite the conversation.  Well,  I just wanted to check in and say hi, and let you know I still remember the two nice ladies in Texas,  who took me in and then found me my mom.    Hugs to you both and God Bless,  Nifty mom Cathie says hello : )
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Pat Dickey <> wrote:

Hooray………can I post your message and picture on the web?   Miss Pat
—– Original Message —–
From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, September 20, 2013 9:28 PM
Subject: Thxs for helping me find the right horse!!!

> Hi Mrs.Pam/Pat i love Miss Molly and she has been a darling. I have
> already loped her and tried back back (of course i only walked when riden
> bare back). She hasn’t given me problems. She does great with her feet.
> The farrier hasn’t gotten to meet her yet but he should be coming some
> time next week.
> Also I no long enjoy the rain due to Miss Molly, she aparently loves it. I
> go to see her and she’s got clumps of mud and at least an inch of mud in
> her hoofs.  Other than that shes great.
> There was one time i was loping her and i guess my saddle wasn’t tight
> enough or it losened after a while of riding so when I loped her to the
> front yard I turned her a little sharp. What happened next was funny but a
> little hurtfull. When she turned I leaned into the turn but due to the
> fast turn I lean the other way. So my sadle fell side ways i yelled woah
> and let go. It was surprising when she stopped before I yelled woah but I
> gues she sttoped because me weight shifted or she didnt like the sadle
> moving alot. I justed started laughing after I fell off i do’t know why
> but i couldn’t stop until i got back on her after fixing the stadle. What
> was interesting though is in history at school we learned that the
> comanche tribe rode there horses on the side in hunts or battles. And I
> though it was funny how i did that for like a second. XD
> Though this week hasn’t been very fun, with the rain and mud and no ride
> but i mean owning a horse does include more work then ride.Oh well. I
> can’t wait for the winter camp I’m super excited! Also thanks for helping
> me find the best horse for me and though it included hardeship and sadness
> i’m happy i choose Miss Molly because she is great!!!
> Thanks A’ Million,
> Jazlynn Lewis
> and
> Miss Molly


August 15, 2013



These guys are wonderful and I am enjoying them so much. Johnny road Ransom aka Cookie and I rode Champ. They did great, went past the barn gate as directed and then back again.


They act like they have been here for years. We turned them out on the 10 acres and this morning we whistled and they came running. What a joyful sight.  


I cut a window with a door on it in the tack room we built which is next to his stall, where I can sit and watch Champ eat and bond with him while relaxing with him. He sticks his head in the window and gets a treat. We are bonding well. Even Ransom comes out to the outside door asking for his and he gets treats as well. We bought a load of hay bales and pellets and fly spray and I think we are set other than finding a good local furrier and vet.


They are great, good  fit, good match. Feel free to use me on your web site for a referral of a very happy customer.



The best is yet to come!”

Sandy Trumbo – Agent


July 5, 2103

A Nice story…this nice lady called after having purchased a horse privately from someone that clearly was a problem.  She called in desperation and we were able to help her with a new horse, Teddy Bear, and take away the horse that was a dangerous problem for them. Makes our work worth it!

Dear Pat,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for finding us a perfect horse for our Natalie, and have Champ taking away by Leslee.
Thank you for caring about our safety, because Champ was not a horse for a child. You are right, he was dangerous and it was just a matter of time, before someone got hurt.
Teddy is great! He is so sweet and loves children. We all fell in love with him. Thank you, thank you, thank you
Leslee came out again and gave us a different bit, and it works great!

I hope one day we get to meet you, to thank you in person and hug you.  xoxo




Sure.  I would be interested if you find two more like these. Fine to post.

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On Jun 30, 2013, at 12:41 PM, “Pat Dickey” <> wrote:

> Hooray…….let us know when and if you want two more…….new ones coming in…….thanks for the update…….so glad……Pam said your place is horse heaven….can I post that email on my references?   Pat
> —– Original Message —– From: “Lee Gaddis” <>
> To: “Pat Dickey” <>
> Sent: Sunday, June 30, 2013 12:11 PM
> Subject: Re: new horses
>> After the rain this morning our daughter took both horses on a long trail
>> ride and said both of the horses were perfectly behaved.  She’s a happy
>> camper!  Thanks so much!
>> Lee

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Begin forwarded message:

Date: May 21, 2013 9:08:35 PM CDT
To: “Pat Dickey” <>
Subject: Re: Us and our horses update

Hi Pat,

Oh, I don’t mind at all if you post on the web.  Shelli was such a beautiful person inside and out, I love to share her any chance I get.  Matter of fact, they are going to include her on the Julie Goodnight program.  I think it is going to be a very insightful show.  Kind of a human interest story.  Everyone there loved Diego. They thought about naming the program “Diego for President”, but instead called it “Gods Greatest Gift”.  Please tell Pam “Hi”

Thanks again for a HUGH blessing,



—–Original Message—–
From: “Pat Dickey” <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 21, 2013 9:33pm
Subject: Re: Us and our horses update


Oh my gosh………….my condolences…..Prayers are with you…..what a loss……… glad that Diego has been a source of comfort………when my Dad died, I went right to the woods on my beloved Lady, my wonderful horse and it saved me……….so I completely understand………..thanks for the update…….I would love to post on the web in references but understand if you may not want

your  story public……many people that are “horse people” would appreciate your story….let me know……Your pictures are great ……….will be sure to watch……….

—– Original Message —–



Sent: Tuesday, May 21, 2013 7:11 PM

Subject: Us and our horses update

Hey Pam,


Haven’t talked to you in quite awhile, so I thought I would give you an update.  First things first, Our Shelli passed away.  It’s taken us awhile to get back into things, but we have.


We bought Ranger (aka Simon) and Diego from you.  Right after we got them, Shelli’s health got a lot worse, so we put the horses out in the pasture and didn’t ride them for almost a year.  After she passed away, I wanted to start riding, but I was scared to death.  Diego was always so fast when you first got on him and it just stressed me out.  I ended up having a wrangler friend of mine take him for about 10 days just to make sure he was safe for me.  He did great, and she told me I would do just fine on him.  Ron and I started riding, and much to my amazement, Diego is the one place I have been able to find peace in my grief.  God always allows me to feel Shelli’s presence when I am on Diego.  I attached some pictures and also wanted to let you know that him and I are going to be on TV August 12th.  I was selected to be on Horse Master with Julie Goodnight as a training segment.  It will air on RFDTV on Monday, August 12th at 11:30am and 9:30pm, Dish Channel 231 and Direct TV Channel 345.  Hope you get a chance to see it.


Anyway, just wanted to bring you up to date and thank you again for two wonderful horses.  I can’t begin to tell you what a complete blessing Diego has been for me.  If you ever get in the Bandera area, be sure and call and come by.

Ron and Marte Willis



March 30, 2013

Hi Pat,

I’ve wanted to write you all a note for your website for the longest time, but haven’t found the words to express how wonderful I think Tonkawood is! I am so thankful to have found such an amazing place and such wonderful people as I set out on the quest to find my first horse. I couldn’t be more happy with Wesley and more grateful for the support you all have shown me as I learn to ride. I will recommend Tonkawood to anyone looking for a horse companion.  You couldn’t ask for more knowledgeable or honest people to help you find a horse of your very own. I look forward to working with you all for years to come. Here is a picture of my husband Pat bonding with our new boy.


———– Forwarded message ———-
Beth Ley <>
Date: Sat, Mar 30, 2013 at 9:10 PM
To: Beth Ley <>


This is Blaze enjoying his first day in the hay pasture.  This happened a week after coming to us and he thoroughly enjoyed it.  He’s getting along very well with the other two horses letting them have their way as the dominates.  Blaze doesn’t mind being at the bottom of the pecking order but he does not tolerate being bitten or pushed.  The other two have learned this the hard way…LOL.  This horse was made for me.  He and I have developed a bond that I never achieved with other horses.  Thank you so very much for bringing us together.  Blaze has a wonderful personality and is always looking to spend time with me.  I truly love this horse.

Thank you,
Michelle Van Meter

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To: Pat Dickey

Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2013 7:47 PM

Subject: Greetings from Sonya and Stetson/Dion


Greetings Miss Pat,

It has been a long time since we last communicated.  A little over two years ago I bought Stetson (aka Dion) from you. (You may not remember me but I am from Katy and belong to  ladies riding group.  My friend Sherry bought Coors from you.)   I must tell you that he is a wonderful horse and I am blessed to have him.


Our story didn’t start off so well.  He wouldn’t load in a trailer and he was anxious.  I didn’t know what I was doing and I was anxious.  I was afraid of him and he didn’t respect me.    He balked at everything and wouldn’t go faster than a trot (all with ears pinned back and kicking out).  Spurs made him resist even more.


Fast forward about a year and a half.  With the help of a couple of trainers, one helped me for three months with the trailer loading, and the other helped me with me, Stetson and I finally understand each other.  He is the sweetest, most loving horse!  He does anything I ask and he trusts me.  More than that, I trust HIM!    He loads into the trailer easily now.  I’ve been taking him on trail rides.  He is solid, steady and virtually bombproof.  When all other horses are acting goofy and scared, Stetson just checks out the situation and keeps his head.  When he sees a wild animal for the first time he is a little anxious (like deer and wild hogs), but the second time he isn’t scared at all.  I LOVE HIM!!!!


I’ve attached a couple of photos.  You can see how handsome he is!


Thank you for having Tonkawood.  If I am ever in the market for another horse, Tonkawood is the first place I will look.


I wish you a very blessed and prosperous New Year.


Sonya Gasdia

Katy, Texas

Subject: Re: Greetings from Sonya and Stetson/Dion
From: “Pat Dickey” <>
Date: Thu, January 10, 2013 5:34 am
To: <>

Oh my gosh………….in today’s throw away society your story makes me cry…my love of horses goes back 70 years now as I started riding when I was three………..horses are a blessing and folks like you who take the time to fix “me” and not give up and throw away a great animal makes it all worth while for the time and effort we all expend up here….our overriding goal is the well being of these great animals and your story makes the Tonkawood effort ALL worth while……….thanks so much for all of us up here and most of all for Stetson.


May I post your story on the reference column?


Bless you,




I’m so glad that I didn’t give up either, although I was close a couple of time.  If I had given up, I would have missed out on knowing that sweet, gentle soul of Stetson.  He’s my buddy.


Feel free to post my story.  You can post my photos as well if you wish.  We need to show off our Stetson.  He is so handsome!




——– Original Message ——–
Sent: Thursday, January 03, 2013 3:29 PM
> Subject: Update on Foxy
>> Hi all! Hope you guys are keeping warm! Just wanted to update and thank you for for this wonderful wonderful horse! We just all love Foxy! I don’t think we could have ever asked for a better “first” horse for Kiele. Foxy has boosted Kiele’s confidence so much and they are a great match! We have our first warm up trail ride this Sunday to prepare for our annual week long trail ride into San Antonio to the stock show & rodeo. I will send you some pictures of them on the trail! Kiele was a very good girl this past year so Santa decided to not only bring her Foxy but a new saddle and tack also! Needless to say they will be stylin’! Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart for being such wonderful people who truly have the horses and your customers best interest at heart! We have been telling our trail ride friends about you guys so hopefully we can send you some business.
>> -Summer Mendoza
>> Sent from my iPadOn Jan 3, 2013, at 4:39 PM, “Pat Dickey” <> wrote:

> Oh you have started out our new year well.  We do this as we love the horses and the kids so letters like this make all worthwhile.  May I post this on the reference site?  Look forward to the pictures.     Thanks, Pat
> —– Original Message —– From: “Summer Mendoza” <>
> To: <>
Oh yes ma’am I forgot to tell you that! Would love for it to go on the site! Also I was wondering if y’all may be interested in placing an advertisement in our brochure for the trail ride we put on for Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital in San Antonio? We put on this wonderful trail ride, team roping, and BBQ cook off every year and all our proceeds go directly to the children’s hospital. We usually send out about 800-1000 brochures every year. This is our 25th year and we are so excited! We would love to have you all and your students! I think yalls center you have going on is just amazing! Such a great thing for young kids!

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Kiele and Foxy with her family getting ready for a trail ride.


Subject: Babe C Hancock aka Hank
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2012 14:26:25 +0000

Merry Christmas Ladies!

Hank, Mark and I moved to Katy in May. Boy, is Hank “livin’ the life”. Someone to meet all his needs 24/7. Gets to hang with 9 other geldings. He’s not the Alpha, but nobody messes with him cause he’s the biggest. Must admit I miss taking care of him but all I have to do is go play. Still see him on a daily basis. Is only 10 min from the house.

He’s good for my soul…

Happy New Year!
Jane Thomas



Dec. 11, 2012

Thought you might like to see how well Slick fit in! (The kids renamed him Gunner, btw).
He is on the right with Gray, Copper and Mika in the middle and Misty (very pregnant!) and Kait on the left.
Hope all is well with your herd – equine and 2 leggeds!
Jenn, Jeff, Gray, Mika, Kait, and baby Jessps. you can put the pic on your website if you wish!Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.
Deo Vindice


Pat and Pam,


Im sorry it took me so long to get back with ya’ll. But I wanted to let you guys know that Gus has worked out well for me.

I hope to get back down there and purchase another one. I have had a lot of fun with him.

Thank ya’ll very much for working with me to get him.


Thanks Again,

Joe Boswell




Just a note to you and Pam to say we returned from 11 days in the mountains near Cloudcroft last Sunday.  Had a wonderful time/ /food/company/rides/and weather (until the last day when the skies ‘opened up’ and the temp dropped to 39 degrees F).   But, the best part was riding the little Black Guy – – he was/is super!  What a great trail horse!  He’ll follow, or lead (preferable) – is a ‘happy camper’ anytime you approach him, etc. etc.  All and all, I’m ‘pleased as punch’ – and the envy of most of our trail riding friends!  It’s great!!


Sent: Monday, August 06, 2012 9:44 AM
>> Subject: ‘Val’ – First Ride Sent from Jack Twilley, Blanco Texas
>>> Hi Pat and Pam,
>>> Just to let you know that I rode ‘Val’ (soon to be changed to -????)
>>> yesterday morning for about an hour and a half – it was about as near
>>> perfect a ride as I’ve had!!  He was great: wonderful walk, trot and
>>> lope.
>>> Still some slight tossing of the head on turns/stops, but for all
>>> practical purposes it’s not an issue (I used a half – martingale).
>>> Bottom Line:  I thoroughly enjoyed him and already am looking forward to
>>> our next ride – and especially, our
>>> trip to the mountains in 3+ weeks!  You’re right:  Just what I wanted!!

Jack Twilly

rom: Steve Neisen []

Sent: Monday, July 23, 2012 4:14 PM
To: ‘Pat Dickey’
Subject: RE:


Hollywood has made it home… went on an afternoon ride.. did very well… will be starting his ground school and slowly get into the cav stuff in a couple weeks.. want to stabilize his diet.. put some weight on him… overall.. he’s perfect…

Thank you guys so much.



Hollywood is one of a kind horse.  When Steve called us, he needed a horse that he could use in the Calvary reenactment.  Would you believe our buyer found this horse on a Hollywood set doing Calvary movies? He was in the movie Jonna Hix and Abraham an Lincoln vampire slayer..  Steve is a great man who serves his community in the police force and loves to do Calvary reenactment.  Hollywood was shipped all the way to Laramie Wyoming.  Congratulations Steve and you go Hollywood!!! What a pair.  Steve has promised to keep us up on Hollywood’s new career.



From: “Pat Dickey” <>

Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2012 09:04:38 -0500

To: Dawn Brown<>

Subject: Re: AJ (aka: Mini Moose)


Oh what a day brightner…may I use your email in our reference column?  Pat

—– Original Message —–

From: Dawn Brown


Sent: Sunday, July 08, 2012 8:41 AM

Subject: AJ (aka: Mini Moose)


Hello Pat and Pam;


Where to begin….. My experience with you and Tonkawood was just amazing. You found me not one, but two of the most perfect horses IN THE WORLD for our family. I’m so in love with these horses, words can’t express my happiness. I’m thankful I don’t live near you guys, or I would be the crazy horse woman and collect them all. You really do find the best!

I just wanted to thank you AGAIN!!!


All the way from California,



Hi Pat,

Of course re: us/email as a reference!

No fire near us, though it was very dry, and windy, the week of Memorial Day – all it would have taken is one errant smoker, camper to toss/light a campfire and the place would have gone up just like the Little Bear Fire near Ruidoso, or the one in the Gila Wilderness.  We need the ‘monsoons’ of July quickly, i.e. in June!!

Let us know if you come down this way – we’ll take you to some/one of the finer “haute cuisine” joints in Blanco (and not a large selection of them, either!)

On Jun 18, 2012, at 12:52 PM, Pat Dickey wrote:

> Oh Happy Days………I knew you would like the Chipper folks….nice to know that Chip has a good home as I know you really cared.
> SOOOOOOOo glad that Lucky is doing his job.  Hope you can find the allergy thing as he may in fact be susceptible….hope the fires did not cause you any harm.  Our friends are going back in a few weeks as the fire missed them but got all their neighbors………may I use your email for the reference column?   Pat
> —– Original Message —– From: “JACK TWILLEY” <>
> To: “Pat Dickey” <>
> Sent: Monday, June 18, 2012 10:20 AM
> Subject: Meeting
>> Hi Pat,
>> Just wanted to let you know that the Strahans, who bought “Chipper” came by last week and we had a good meeting/visit.  You’re right – great folks and horse people!  We enjoyed meeting them and their trail riding friends who came w/ them.  Hoping that they can make it up to our place in Cloudcroft around Labor Day.
>> I asked Marcella if she was ready to sell “Chipper” back to me and she had a resounding “No” to that question.  She really loves him and we’re very happy about that.
>> We took “Lucky”  to the mountains w/ us over Memorial Day week – he did great. CAT is very happy w/ him, though – because of his height – I have to do all the saddling……:-(.  Though the rash he had from South Tx is gone, he seems very susceptible to insect bites, etc. and has bumps all over.  CAT has done  research and
>> ordered some type of supplement to reduce, or eliminate, those.  May be allergies, but not sure.  Bottom line:  She (CAT) is very happy w/ the big fella!
>> Hoping you all are doing well!  A big Hi to Pam.
>> Cheers….jtt

April 29, 2012

We first arrived at Tonkawood with me on crutches because the first horse I had bought to ride from another dealer had deliberately stomped on my foot and broke it in 3 places and this horse was 15,000.00.
We had sent that horse back, and had called Pat looking for a pair of nice, gentle riding horses for my husband and I who had never been on a horse before.
Dude is a palomino, which I have always thought were beautiful. The first day we were there, I took Dude for a walk on my crutches, and he literally did not leave my side. He walked right beside me for about twenty minutes, and he was so good!
My husband is a large man, so finding a horse for him was not going to be easy.
Pat and Pam found him a horse, and we boarded them both there and took lessons for the first two months. BTW this was a 1 1/2 hr drive each way 3 times a week. Neither my husband nor I had ever even sat on a horse before  I could only ride with one foot in the stirrup, and Dude was so nice and gentle.
They found Willy for my husband, who is also a nice, calm, smooth riding horse. They get along great together.
Both of the horses we bought from Tonkawood, Willy and Dude, ended up being nice, quiet, gentle horses. They take good care of us when we ride them, and they are safe and fun. We love them.
Dude and I are starting to learn barrel racing together, and this summer we look forward to some trail riding and lots of fun.

Thank you Tonkawood for such GREAT horses!!!!! Thank you Pam for such great lessons and great fun!!!


Wimberley TX



April 9, 2012

thought I’d try to send 3 pictures in separate emails.  Maybe that will help them go through.


Hope you all had a Happy Easter.  My company just left. We’re going out of town for 5 weeks on an RV trip so Erica has promised to keep Benjamin legged up for me.  She said she may try him over at the local wholesale nfl jerseys roping arena and see how he does.  I’m so glad I found him!


There will be 2 more emails with pictures.  Hope they are OK.  cheap oakleys Thanks again for all your help and honesty with selling this horse.




Sorry pictures did not load, but will try again in another format.  This is Debbie’s assessment of her horse Benjamin.  





We just got a picture today, April 7, 2012 of our Benjamin sent by his new owner.  She was out riding him and they sent the picture to us.  Quote “She (my mother) is loving him.”

Hi Pat and Pam,


Here are several pictures taken today at McKinney Roughs in Bastrop.  Benjamin was on his first “real” trail ride with me.  We’ve been down the road several times and worked in an arena, but he seemed to like the trail riding.  We also parked cars at the San Antonio Raceway last weekend and he did great.  Wasn’t spooked by the noise at all.  He didn’t want to stand still very long, but no real problems.  He has a great trot and lope, very smooth.  Our other 3 horses are finally accepting him.  I guess they decided he’s not going any where.  I’m very comfortable on him and am lovin’ this horse.  Thanks so much.  Thought you might want to add these pictures to your website.


Debbie Foster



Dear Pat:


Sure, I would be happy to recommend your services. Kiwi moves into his comfy stall tomorrow night.  He will be over the moon!  I don’t think I told you that I am a massage therapist and though my mare doesn’t like bodywork, Kiwi can’t get enough of it.  I thought he was going to fall down he was so relaxed and blissed out last night!


Family coming out to meet Kiwi tomorrow…pix to follow.


— On Fri, 3/30/12, Pat Dickey <> wrote:

From: Pat Dickey <>
Subject: Re: He’s Definitely A Keeper
To: “Rita Franklin” <>
Date: Friday, March 30, 2012, 1:18 PM

Oh Happy Days…………I was out of town so just got your email.  Pam will be sooooo happy as she just LOVES that horse.  His kindness and great attitude is what won her over ….she rides a lot of them but really loved that one.  Can I put you on the reference site?   Thanks for the update……..Pat
—– Original Message —– From: “Rita Franklin” <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, March 26, 2012 7:29 PM
Subject: He’s Definitely A Keeper

> Dear Pat and Pam:
> Kiwi is a love!!  He is doing so well and really settling in with the other horses and the new routine.  I had the farrier out today and we pulled the front shoes.  He seems very comfortable as we have all  grass and clay dirt. The vet gave him a thorough exam and everything  looks pretty good.  He will get his vaccinations over the next week  ( Janie is a registered Vet Tech and will give them).   Our longtime  boarder/friend is taking his horses home this week and so Kiwi will  have a nice roomy stall right across the barn aisle from my little mare.
> So, thank you for introducing us…. Kiwi is a keeper for life!
> Best Wishes,
> Rita ( and Kiwi)




—– Original Message —–

From: Kim Jones

To: Pat Dickey

Sent: Sunday, March 18, 2012 12:56 PM

Subject: Re: Photo


Mrs. Pat,

Thank YOU and PAM and BILL SO much for finding Madisyn and Gavyn two perfect horses!  We could not be happier.  Thank you so much for all the cookies and lemonade and being so welcoming and wonderful to all of us.  We feel like we have an extended family in all of you!  We look forward to coming again for the kids next riding lessons.


When Jody is there on Thursday have him look at the pictures and he might be able to figure it out.  I will be out of town working that day but he might be able to figure it out.


All our best,


The Jones family


Jan 21, 2012

Here is another one.  She is taking him  to his stall to feed him.  He is a great animal and is so protective of her.





Jan. 18, 2012

Sorry to take so long to send a picture and it is not a very good one. The better ones  are on my camera and I can’t find the cable to down load them to the computer or IPhone. Emery loves Bo and he takes very good care of her.  My older son loves him so much he has been inquiring about your horses.  He wants a pleasure riding horse rather than another team roping horse.  To busy getting his Bachelors degree and also to broke to rope,  which is a very expensive habit!
Thanks again for allowing us to adopt Bo.  He is our family “Treasure”.
Kathy Boswell

Bo’s new owner





Jan. 8, 2012


Hannah On Sam after he hadn’t been ridden in a month.  He is a good boy.



Sam and Hannah!

Dec, 28, 2011


The Best horse I’ve had! He follows me from pasture to stall and stall to pasture(without halter!), He moves out easily and covers a lot of ground with no effort at all! Easy riding and even lets me preach on him! Love Him! Thank you Tonkawood!

Butch Ikels

Sr. Pastor

The Country Church

Marion Texas

Dec. 15, 2011

Hi Ladies,

Just a quick note to let you know Hank and I are well. Has it been 4 Years or 3? Don’t remember. Finally got a pict of me actually on him. He is pretty dirty and furry right now. But just wanted to let you know we are still together. My husband is growing quite fond of him but still refuses to get on. My riding has improved quite a bit but I think he has turned into a one person horse. Does not do well with green riders (favorite thing is standing still) but will move off with someone with experience, flicking his tail the whole time. He is so big and strong and knows it.

Was anxious to check in with ya’ll… Wishing you a healthy and prosperous New Year

Jane Thomas




How are you and all the gang doing?
I hope you had a good holiday?

Pat I have to tell you this, it has been cold and Cooper and Papa haven’t ridden in about 2 months.
We haven’t been able to find any good grass hay at all so—we have been having to feed alfalfa.
Snow Cone has been eating really well and has probably gained 150 lbs from eating free choice alfalfa because I couldn’t find any other hay.
Well Cooper and Papa decided to saddle up and go for a little ride yesterday.
I was a little worried because Snow Cone has been eating really well and feeling really good you know?
Pat I needn’t have worried, that sweet precious mare never made a bauble, she acted like he had been riding her every day.
This mare is an angel from heaven. I have never seen another horse quite like her.
I tell her, Snow Cone you can have all you want to eat for the rest of your life, we will love you bunches and give you the run of 40 acres of pasture whenever you want to and a nice warm stall whenever you want it in cold weather if you will just ride that little boy around a little bit for us and take care of him.
It’s almost like she understands me Pat, she’s an angel from heaven. She is precious, sweeter than any horse I  have ever met.
Thank you again for Snow Cone Pat.



Snow Cone and Cooper!


From: Jim Sluder


To: Pat Dickey

Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2011 8:24 AM

Subject: Re: Spider


Pat feel free to use me as a GLOWING reference. I LOVE SPIDER!! He is more than I could have hoped for. I would gladly buy from Tonkawood Farm AGAIN. Jim Sluder


— On Thu, 11/17/11, Pat Dickey <> wrote:

From: Pat Dickey <>
Subject: Re: Spider
To: “Jim Sluder” <>
Date: Thursday, November 17, 2011, 8:44 AM

I will see if I have more in the camera and send them to you………so glad you like him…..Pam just loved that horse…..Can I post your email on the reference column? Pat

—– Original Message —–


Of course you can put the pictures on your website…

You weren’t kidding when you said she was a babysitter. This little mare is the sweetest thing there ever was.

Lucy is fine, I need to take her to Colette’s but I just haven’t done it…


——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Re: Hi Pat
From: “Pat Dickey” <>
Date: Mon, October 03, 2011 8:13 am
To: <>

Oh you made my morning……..toooooo cute……..may I post one of the pictures and your email on our web site?  How is the chicken Lucy?   Pat

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To: Pat Dickey

Sent: Sunday, October 02, 2011 8:07 PM

Subject: RE: Hi Pat


Pat here are some pictures I took of Cooper and Snow Cone today.

They went to a playday last nite and she was an absolute doll,

The mare must be an angel in disguise of a horse body..we LOVE her!


Hope you are doing good?






This is Chelsa, I absolutely LOVE him. He is a wounderful boy. I enjoy him a lot. I am so glad I bought a wonderful horse from y’all!

Thank Y’all!


Chelsa Chavez



From: “Debbie O” <>
>To: “Tonkawood” <>
>Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 8:06 PM
>Subject: Chip
>> Pat, thank you so much for finding just the right horse for me. I think
>> Chip is a keeper my trainer really likes him. I took lessons on him and he
>> did wonderful. He’s very level headed good natured and calm. The only
>> glitch i find is he doest like turning left and i believe its from kids
>> riding him. Anyway  from just one lesson he gave up and will turn now wirh
>> no problem. Thanks again, i think i might have me a partner now. Sorry
>> abour being so picky  but i just had to have one i could trust and i think
>> Chip is it.
From: Sarah Sarah


Sent: Saturday, May 14, 2011 1:22 PM

Subject: Cochise Update


Hey Pam,
This is Sarah Culpepper from Llano. I bought Cochise last August and was just given you an update.
Overall he is wonderful! From time to time he does get a little independent and headstrong, but we are working and improving on that.
Just emailing to let you know that me and Cochise have entered the 2011-2012 Llano County Rodeo Queen Contest that will be held in Llano on June 3rd and 4th. We were wondering if you would like to come out one of those two nights and see how he is doing and see him. I also have rodeo tickets on sale in advance if you would like to buy any. If you are interested and think you might be able to go, you can email me and I will give you more information on tickets.

Hope to see you out there IF you can make it. Thanks again for Cochise(:

Sarah Culpepper
Here is a picture of our wonderful Spanky and his new owner at the grand entry at the Rodeo in San Antonio!  Wow what a good boy!













Hi Pat-  Hope all is well.  I am sending you some updated pictures of Wish.
My nephew came in from Florida from Spring Break and had never been on a
horse before.  Poor Wish still has the pink halter.  Let me know you
received these pics.  We are having fun!!!


Jan. 3, 2011

Hi Pat,

Here are some photos of Blue and I trail riding with friends a couple days before Christmas at 2 Rivers Dam on the road to Ruidoso. (the middle photo is the best)  Although his cancer is progressing, so far, he is maintaining his weight and seems to be enjoying life.  As for me, I have lost “ALL” my excess weight, and am now a normal size rider, healthy and also enjoying life.  When Blue’s time comes, I will be back to you for my next horse, and now, any horse on your site is the right size because I’m the right size.


Next time you head to Ruidoso, stop and see us and the horses.


Louann Hendricks

Roswell, NM



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Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2010 10:49:47 -0600

To: <>

Cc: Pam Holeyfield<>

Subject: Re: Dion/Sonya update

Oh happy days……..just love to hear when our special ones are matched right.  May I post your letter on the reference site? It is too cool…Pat

—– Original Message —–


To: Pat Dickey

Sent: Monday, November 29, 2010 9:33 AM

Subject: Dion/Sonya update


Hi Miss Pat,

I hope you had a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving.  We all have so much to be thankful for.


Just wanted to give you an update on Dion/Stetson.  I took your advice and cancelled any events that I was thinking of until he and I get to know one another.  So far we have had a great time.   On our first ride outside the property, we went on a short 30 minute trip on the road.  Some friends down the street came by with their draft horse and buggy and another horse and rider.  Usually the first time a horse sees and hears the buggy (it has bells) they go coo coo.  Not Stetson, he was calm and collected.  He was curious but calm.  We found that he liked to take the lead and seemed comfortable there.  It was a very nice first ride “outside”.


Yesterday I did some “ranching”.  At the very far end of the pasture was a big blue tub (a half barrel size that minerals come in).  I wanted to get it but didn’t want to walk all the way there and lug it back.  So, Stetson and I rode over to it.  I carefully “parked” him beside it, bent over while still in the saddle, and picked it up.  He acted as if he knew what I was trying to do and just stood there quietly while it got it.  I then held it up and started walking him.  At first he stopped and said, “What is that???”,  and turned his head and smelled it.  After that, he said, “Ok, that’s not a monster” and we continued.  We made it to the final destination and he let me drop it over the fence.  When it hit the ground, he just stood there.  He is such a good boy.  After that, we stopped on a good note and I put him up.


I look forward to many happy days with Stetson.  Thank you for matching us up.


I’ll keep you posted on the good news.


Big hugs,



P.S.  I received the coggins.  Thanks.







Dear Pat


I have now received Dusty’s papers and want to let you know just how much I appreciate all the work and effort you went to.

He is a great horse and has settled in well and made new friends.

Hope all is well with you and again many, many thanks.


With best wishes


From: “Kiersten Davis” <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2010 8:08 AM
Subject: Hello!

>I know it has only been a few days since we picked up yaga from you all but
>I had to give you an update! I’m in LOVE! So far we have only rode around
>the property and down the road in a halter and lead rope; passing cars,
>lawn mowers, dogs, deer, dove hunters you name it! And he was a perfect
>gentleman for me and I felt completely safe. My uneasiness I had from my
>previous horse is now out the window. He follows me around like a puppy
>dog. And just loves his apple treats and will try and follow me into the
>tack room closet just to get in the bag. I think we are going to be a
>perfect pair considering he let’s me walk up to him in the pasture and ride
>bareback back to the barn for feeding time. I forgot what kind of bit you
>guys used on him maybe a D-ring reiner? We have him on one scoop of purina
>stragedy healthy blend with costal hay and pasture grass all day. I can’t
>wait to start trail riding him on the many trails we have! We have already
>given him a bath and found out how white he could get, and then well he
>showed us how he could roll in the dirt. I’m so happy I found you guys I
>will always suggest you guys to anyone looking for a horse. I couldn’t of
>found a better horse than him if I tried! I will send photos soon once the
>rain stops! And tell pam that her favorite horse is in perfect hands!
> Thanks!
> Kiersten Davis
> Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

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From: Jane Thomas

To: Pat and Pam

Sent: Saturday, June 26, 2010 8:06 AM

Subject: Babe C Hancock


Good morning, Ladies,

Just checking in…It’s been 2 years now and I wanted to let you know that Hank (aka Babe) and I are still together. He is still the center of my world, and my husband, Mark is very supportive even though he still won’t get in the paddock with him. Have attached picts from the round pen. Riding every couple of days instead of every day seems to work best for us. Hank does get bored. We longe? in the round pen on his days off just for the exercise. I ride in the arena with him since we are usually totally alone when I am with him and I am still not the best rider…but he responds beautifully for those who know what they are doing. He responds as he should with me, but he does have my number…and I don’t care cause I love him and I think he loves me, at least he is always happy to see me even after he has been turned out (maybe it’s the treats).

Hope all is well at Tonkawood…

Jane Thomas
Dear Pat & Pam,


Greetings from Round Rock!  It has been almost 2 years since we met but clearly we can not forget you!  As you can see, Smoky is THE MAN!  We have enjoyed him immensely.  Though Mama’s horse, he and my 11 year old daughter Addie have a very special bond.  We get compliments about Smoky all the time; not just regarding his ravishing good looks but his EXCELLENT behavior on and off the trail.  It was one man’s admiring words that got us thinking of you…I hope Alan the farrier told you he met us at Rocking B Stables.  Alan assured us he’d give you a report as he was due out at your farm the next day.


We LOVE Smoky and Smoky loves us.  When we drive up to his pen, he whinnies and trots out to meet us.  He is a gentle giant as many people comment on his size then are duly impressed that my girls handle him with such ease.  He is also versatile; comfortable with Western, English and bareback riders.  Super trail horse but lessons in the arena seem to be his least favorite.  We also often get told how smart he is!!


We hit the jackpot when we got our first horse from you; Smoky is a godsend.  Addie once said, “You know, even if I’m having a really bad day, being on Smoky just makes everything good again.”


My apologizes for taking so long to share our joy with you but again when we met Alan I knew it was time to write.


We are actually thinking of taking a ride to Marble Falls tomorrow (Monday 6/7) to pick blackberries and thought we could stop by.  I want to know if Pam would consider buying back that Billy Cook saddle she sold me with Smoky.  We used it maybe 10 times – it never really fit me or Smoky and I have not had any luck with consignment or Craig’s List and I’d like to buy a youth saddle for the girls.


We’ll look forward to hearing back from you.


Most sincerely,

Francine Quinn

May 11, 2010

We love Pigeon, he’s the nicest horse and a perfect fit for our family. Thank you for your help in picking him out for us.
Barbara and John Sebok



ABSOLUTELY, you deserve the kudos as you are the ones who try so hard and make the good matches.  I was there when you were trying to put together a rescue and I was amazed at your determination and you had so little time to make it happen but you did it.  You won my heart that day.  Everyone always ask me “couldn’t you have found a horse in Ca.” and I always tell them “yes, but not Nifty, he was meant to be mine the minute I saw him I knew that and so did he”.  Thank you again for saving him for me.  It’s always a struggle, who’s get to write Pat the letter but he’s so expressive so I let him lol.  Hope you don’t mind. Letters may be few and far between but we think of you often and you we will never forget who rescued this boy of ours.   Affectionately,  Cathie
On Apr 5, 2010, at 6:41 AM, Pat Dickey wrote:


Dear Nifty,


Sometimes letters like yours come to us that make our hard work and love of our horses worth while.  We loved your letter and man I wish all our horse friends could live your life.  You deserve it and we are so happy that your Mom found us so you could be a California guy.  Ask your Mom if we can post your letter and pictures on our web site.  It is inspiring and makes our job fulfilling and happy.


Love, Pam and Pat

—– Original Message —–

From: tranquility meadows

To: Pat Dickey

Sent: Monday, April 05, 2010 12:05 AM

Subject: Nifty


Dear Pat and Pam,  It’s been a really long time since I last wrote you so I hope you remember me because I will always remember you.  You were the people who found me a home with my mom Cathie from Calif.  I love it here with my “sister” Kupid.  She’s still the boss but I love her and can’t imagine life with out her.  I’m sending you some pictures so you can see where I live.  I really like the one of me and my mom,  we have such a good time just trail riding and going at a nice slow pace.  I get a little ouchy on the rocks so she puts these funny boots on me… AHHH,  that feels so much better.  She seems to know what I need.  I can’t have hay anymore but you can see, I have year round green pastures and I get this stuff call beet pulp soaked and I love that mixed in with my senior feed Yummy!  On cold, windy, rainy days I get bedded down in my stall (the one in the pic) with lotsa thick shavings and in the morning I’m covered because,  I love them.  In the one picture I am with my sister Kupid and my moms best friends are sitting on us.  That was a fun day as we got lots of treats because we were sooo good for the pictures.  My mom grooms me everyday cleans my nose and teeth, rubs this special stuff on my hooves, puts this silly screen over my face and sprays me all over.  What an ordeal, but I love being with her and I let her know by talking to her every time I see her, so if it makes her feel good to do ALL that stuff to me I will stand patiently as long as she wants me to, cause I love her so and she tells me how much she loves me.  I finally know that she means it when she says you will never have to leave this place, you are my forever horse.  Life is good here in California and I am one happy horse.  Thank you for finding this home for me.  My mom sends her best wishes and wants you to know how glad she is to have found me.  Love to you both,  Nifty    p.s.   I have two little girls who love me almost as much as my mom.  She calls them granddaughters and they lay all over me, brush me and give me lots of yummy treats.  I let them ride me as they are very gentle with me and oh so kind.  I wish all horses could have little girls like this to love on them…it’s wonderful!
Hi Pat,
I hope you are recuperating well from your surgery.  That is never fun.
I, too, had surgery this fall, and I have to brag that Blue was the best
post surgery horse ever.  He is becoming a super horse and I hope he
lives to be 40.  We ride all over alone, past new house construction,
trains, kids on bicycles, semis, rattle snakes, you name it.  He was not
sure about the little boys on bikes, not something he probably saw at the
feed lot.  But I had taught him a cue to drop his head, and so when he
started his nervous dance, I gave that cue, and he complied at once and
calmed down and stood there while I chatted with the little boys, who of
course, don’t do anything quietly or slowly.  I had never had to use this
cue under duress before, so was not sure Blue would comply, but he did at
once.  So I think we are a pretty good pair.  He remains healthy, and  at
the last vet visit, the vet even complimented me on his nice muscle tone,
saying it was obvious we spent many hours together.  I miss being able to
ride my Choctaw, but he is pasture sound so enjoys his domain, and of
course he is the leader of the pack, in Blue’s mind and in my heart.

Hope you enjoy the coming spring, before it gets too hot.  Be sure to
stop and visit the next time you pass through Roswell on your way to cool

Louann Hendricks
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Hi Pat,

Just wanted to let you know that “Hank” and I are still partners.  It’s been a little over a year now since I found him with you (Father’s Day, 2008). He has become very spoiled, much to the chagrin of the lady who we board with. But I do love him and can’t help it. I still spend at least 2 hours a day with him, usually riding at least 30 minutes. The rest of the time is spent gooming and just sharing grazing space until I turn him out for the day. We do have our moments though and soft words and baby steps seem to be most effective with him. He is very smart. Occasionally he thinks he sees a boogie man (or at least wants me to think so) but has yet to unseat or get away from me (I may be a little too cautious as a result)…

The picts below were taken by the mother of the little girl with the hat who takes lessons where Hank lives. They love Hank and think he is the most beautiful horse out there. I agree.

Thank you again for introducing me to this handsome boy
Jane Thomas

Hi Pat,
It’s time for an update on Blue Bayou, whom I got from you in the spring
of ’07.  This horse is so solid, nothing flying, running, crawling,
flapping or banging has ever bothered him.  This summer he saved us from
a very angry rattler.  He saw it before it even rattled, carefully
sidestepped, and even after it started rattling, he remained calm and we
went on our way.  I, of course, nearly had heart failure.  Yesterday we
did encounter something that scared Blue.  Some lazy slop dumped a whole
house full of dirty carpet next to one of our trails.  Blue’s head hit
the clouds and he started to dance, very worried.  He was not going past
that carpet, which had never been there before, and therefore was
suspicious.  After several tries, I decided caution was the better part
of valor, and we detoured.  The important part of this story is that
never once did Blue stop listening to my aids, nor threaten to bolt.  He
is still worth his weight in gold to me.

The vet remains amazed that Blue’s squamous cell cancer has not
progressed.  He faithly gets his mushroom complex, and we hope to ride
together for many more years.

Hope all is well with you and yours,

Louann Hendricks
Roswell, NM
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Sent: Monday, July 27, 2009 12:32 PM

Subject: Buttons and Cody


Pat and Pam,

Linda said that Buttons is working out GREAT for her, he is everything that she wants in a horse.  They are settling in with each other and you can see the bond when she is in the pasture with him or riding him.

Cody on the other hand is thankful that you matched us up together.  We have been giving Cody Missing Link for over a month.  We went on a trail ride yesterday and went 5 miles.  Cody does not limp any more and he actually wanted to trot a little.  The horse that Linda was riding had to trot to keep up with us at times.  He really moves out and was at the same pace during the whole ride.  Previous rides were a lot different.  Over the last month we could really see Cody improve with his movement due to the Missing Link that we are giving him.  I am sold on this stuff.  Pam, I really appreciate Cody and when I retire I may want another horse that I can trot with.  That way I can ride Cody every other day.  I am getting my confidence back at riding again.  I thank you for that.

Froggie has a great new home also and he is doing well with the thirteen year old boy that is riding him now.  (He just needed someone younger than me.)  He needed more than what I could offer.

Hope you are all doing well at Tonkawood.

Many thanks for what you have done for Linda and Myself  and our new rides.

Dell and Linda Coolidge
Sanger, Texas

PS:  Pam, I have a picture of Cody and myself on our trail ride yesterday and it is on our cell phone.  I will send it to you.



You have my permission to post my email on your reference page.  I have been sending a lot of people your way.  Just this past weekend Mike Coombs mentioned that he is looking for a bombproof horse for his grandkids.  I told him to look no more… go to  So, he should be calling or emailing soon!  Also, Melinda Douglas has a really old horse that she cannot afford to keep caring for.  I told her to contact you to get your advice…


Jennifer Garretson, DVM

Program Director/Instructor

Veterinary Technology

McLennan Community College

(254) 299-8750


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Hi Pat & Pam

It’s Patricia & Ashley.  Sugar is a dream. We finally got to ride yesturday and she handled just wonderful. Ashley trotted her a bit and had a huge smile on her face.  I rode and felt so somfortable on her.  We are both happy with the decision on getting her.  Thanks alot for your patience with us.


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Sent: Wednesday, April 08, 2009 10:23 AM

Subject: Froggie, Buttons and Cody


Froggie has a new home with a 14 year old boy.  He has been taking riding lessons with an instructor and the family had been looking for a horse for the boy.  The instructor rode Froggie and suggested the purchase of Froggie for the 14 year old boy.

We did get some calls from your web site and we thank you very much for putting Froggie on your web site.  You can take him off your  web site as they have paid us and picked Froggie up.  The parents said that Froggie would never be sold as they have another boy coming up to take over when the 14 year old would want another horse.

I am doing very well with Buttons.  He did not have as much professional training as I thought he had, but we are getting along well with the training that I would like to do.  I took him to the all women’s rodeo last week and you would have been proud of him.  We did steer sorting, poles, barrels and other events and we both did good.  Out of 20 teams we were in 10th place.

Dell has been riding Cody every weekend that he can.  They are getting along well.  I even have ridden Cody.  Dell is getting his confidence back and who knows we may be looking for a step up horse in the future.

We thank you both for everything that you have done for us.

Pam if you are ever up in our area you have a place to stay.


Linda Coolidge



Hi, Pat and Pam,

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how it’s going down here south of San Antonio.

The boys have settled in just fine. We still have them separated from the rest of the mob, but no one seems to mind that much.  We’ve managed to get a couple of rides in since last weekend. (I’ll trade the rain for a ride, but only for now).

They’re blowing their winter coats and we’ll send pictures when they slick off.  Dandy’s forelock is very frizzy, so Jim has taken to calling him “Harpo”.  Nigel is now called “Buckwheat”.   He’s an absolute jewel.

It was a pleasure meeting you all and we thank you so much for everything.  We’ll be in touch.


Jim and Jeri Boyd

Charlotte, TX


Hi Pat,


I wanted to touch bases with you and give you an update on Bonez.  We love him, he is such a great horse.  I have attached some pictures for you guys.  We’ll be in touch.


Subject: Re: Nugget
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 08:17:29 -0600

Toooooooooo cool, can I post this email on our reference site??? Pat

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From: Jenny Rodas


Sent: Tuesday, February 03, 2009 4:55 PM

Subject: Nugget


Hello Ladies,

Sorry this took so long. Nugget is absolutely perfect for me. I adore him. Thank you so much. The first pic is us in my front yard and the second two were at the Mesquite Rodeo. We have done the grand entry a couple of times there. My friend Tatyana (2nd pic) has a palomino gelding about twice the size of Nugget. We ride these guys everywhere and they are best buds. Nugget gets along beautifully with my mini, goat and dogs. He is a loved back yard pony.   Jenny

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Happy New Year Pat and Pam.


We are all very well.

I took Pats advice, and I’m feeding feed in the morinigs only, with hay available at all times.  This has made life a lot easier for me.


Cayenne and Snickers are both dolls.  John is “working the ground”, getting an arena ready for Megan and Snickers 120feet by 220feet.  The round pen we have now will drive  you crazy (50 diameter).  Snickers will do anything Megan asks of him while riding or on the ground. The first time we were saddling Snickers up, fitting everything on him…a plastic bag blew out of the trailer and somehow his back foot  ended up all the way inside the bag.  Snickers never flinched.  He stood there on 3 legs untill I ran up to him to remove the bag. What a good boy.

Cayenne claimed John, or is it the other way around?  The Clydesdale is in training and loving it (she is such a good girl).




Hi! We are absolutely loving the horses we got from you!! We have been
riding a lot in the past month and each one of us is thoroughly
enjoying it. Our 14 year old son and I enjoy riding the big sorrel
Coosa Lad gelding we got from you (we call him “Colorado”) – he is the
biggest “pet” we have – always the first to walk up to us in the
pasture and smell our hair and our pockets to see if we have a treat!

Our 9 year old daughter,  has been riding the little dark
brown gelding we got from you (we call him “Ranger”) and they look so
cute together. He is just the right size for her. Today, she trotted
and cantered the prison horse we got from you (we call him “Moose”)
all over a 35 acre fenced pasture. It really improved her confidence
to be able to ride independently like that, and to be able to canter
out in the wide open. All the while someone at the ranch nearby was
shooting – must have been target practice – and Moose never even
flinched. Our 4 year old and I were walking through the creek bed, and
Moose would glance at us ever so often when another horse would most
likely have spooked. Moose’s gaits are smooth, so Caroline has no
trouble sitting them.

They all have wonderful ground manners and never cause any problems.
None of them have any problem with the cows that we have. They are
good for the farrier, are easily caught in the pasture, stand well
when tied, saddle well, never pin their ears (except occasionally when
with each other at feeding time), etc. With Ranger and Colorado, I
don’t allow the kids to “yeehaw” ride – they have to pay attention and
try to learn if I let them ride those two horses or Count, the bay
gelding we had before we met you. When they ride Moose, I just turn
them loose and let them ride – with the only guidelines being that I
have taught them to be gentle with their hands (so they don’t jerk the
reins) and that they can’t ride him too hard (equal amounts of
walking, trotting, and cantering).

I would like to have you start looking for another “Moose” for us. We
would like to find one that is dead broke, super quiet, bombproof, not
necessarily fancy but solid as can be. I think it would be great to
have two horses that we could trust to that extent so that if one of
Caroline’s friends comes out, she can ride, or when our youngest child
gets older, he can start riding in the round pen.

You probably remember that I am particular about a horse’s eyes – I
don’t like for any white to show, whatsoever. I like for them to have
excellent ground manners, too, and not to be aggressive at all with

Call me at your convenience to discuss. We aren’t in any particular


Melinda Grace


No problem, Pat.  Have a great 2009!~~~Louann

On Mon, 5 Jan 2009 16:53:10 -0600 “Pat Dickey” <>
> Hi, Happy new year…….what a great letter……can I post it on
> the web
> for references??? Pat
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> From: <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Thursday, January 01, 2009 4:14 PM
> > Happy New Year’s Pat and Pam,
> > I had to share today’s happenings with you.  Blue and I went to
> ride on
> > the vacant 80 acres east of us today.  It has been very windy of
> late,
> > and there are tumble weeds everywhere.  We spent at least 1/2 the
> ride
> > with a huge tumble weed attached to Blue’s tail.  It sounded like
> someone
> > was following us.  And Blue could have cared less.  What a trooper
> he is.
> > After riding, as it was 70 today, I decided to wash Blue’s rear
> and tail
> > since he had had some diarrhea.  I was practically under him,
> scrubbing
> > his legs when a huge gust of wind blew a 10 gallon pail past his
> nose,
> > and he didn’t even flinch.  I don’t think even my sweet Choctaw
> would
> > have stood for that.
> >
> > Now that is not to say that Blue doesn’t have some issues, but I
> have
> > worked to make him confident in me and my authority.  He is still
> a bit
> > crabby with pinned ears when he sees the saddle coming, but once
> we get
> > going he is fine. (I assume that is from the working days, when
> the
> > saddle meant work till you drop)  It is funny to see how happy he
> is when
> > we are done.  And at times he thinks HE should decide when we are
> done.
> > He was a pill in the beginning and did scare me a time or two, but
> I
> > continued to work with him, and now it is usually not ugly, just a
> “are
> > you sure we can’t go back yet” and when I say no he complies.  On
> the
> > whole he is sweet and loving, comes when I call, loves those
> treats, is a
> > safe and steady ride,  has wonderful ground manners and is patient
> when
> > my non-horsey husband helps me by leading Blue.  I know that I am
> not
> > real brave in the saddle, but I never give up, and often do things
> in
> > baby steps.  That works for both Blue and me and we are having fun
> > together!
> >
> > Louann Hendricks
> > Roswell, NM
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> >
> >
yes i tell you what i don’t think i’ve loved a animal as much as i love

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From: Pat Dickey <>
Sent: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 12:38 pm
Subject: Re:

How wonderful…………may I put that on the web???? P
—– Original Message —– From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 9:44 AM

> Pat
> Just wanted to let you & pam know that oct.4 we had a rodeo @ >
kelly’s kids were kelsey, keaton, & james take riding & roping class &
> keaton won 3 buckles off mr.t (my baby) also kelsey won a buckle as
well >

Hi Pat!



I just walked in the door from sitting with my trainer and her father at her stalls.  His beautiful 13 year old quarter horse mare had to be put down this morning and he is devastated.  BUT, he is very adament about getting a new horse.


Since they know Bronzie, I suggested that we talk with you and thought you had a horse or two that might fit him or find him one.  He is an older gentleman, around 68 -72 years old (I think) and is a very beginning rider.  He is 5’11” (long torso) and needs something extremely quiet and great on the trails – something that will take care of him and he can bound with.  Looking around 5 -12 years of age.


Please let me know if you have anything that you think would fit the bill and how much you are asking.


Also, Pat I have to tell you this…you will love it.  Yesterday I finally had my vet out to give the big guy his shots, clean his sheath, check to see if he needed his teeth floated, etc.  Doc Tresser walked back and Bronzie is standing in the corral just watching him – no halter.  It was about 100 degrees and muggy – yuck.  Dr walks over and lstands next to Bronzie who doesn’t even move except to look at him and smell him.  Dr. pushes on Bronzie’s hip and he slowly takes one step away.  Dr , with a worried look, says he’s going out to his truck to get his stuff.  He comes back and for five minutes (5 minutes!) goes over Bronzie with his stethoscope listening here and there, took his temp, etc.  Bronzie now has a halter on but is just standing there.  Vet finally looks at me and says how long have you had him?  I tell him and he says have you wormed him? – yes.  Finally he asks…is he always this quiet? – Yup.  He can’t believe it!  He said he had never seen a horse act this quiet and thought he was very ill but said everything was perfect. – heart, lungs, etc.  I told him about you folks and he said that he was flabbergasted that there was somebody out there selling horses and actually delivering what they promised.  He said Bronzie was worth his weight in gold…At one point he was just so overwhelmed,  his exact words were… “He’s so damn…MELLOW!”.  Told me not to worry about his feet – we would deal with it when the time came that he was lame.  He said he was the prettiest, nicest horse he has seen in a long time!  Later, he told my trainer that if I had paid 10K for him he thought I would still have gotten a great deal.  How’s that for validating your program!?  Great horses at great prices.  Still can’t thank you enough – I love him to death  (He didn’t much like his sheath cleaned, though <G>)


Hope you are doing well.  Wish you could sell my little mare for me…nobody wants a mare here.  Look forward to hearing from you!


Karen Mahan


Hello Pat and Pam,  Just wanted to touch base with you regarding Coors.

So far he is a really really nice horse.  I rode him Saturday on  a ride with some friends where we went under a bridge with cars flying across the top and nothing phased him.  He goes wherever I point him and is not spooky at all.  He is also a real sweetheart that will come up to me anytime I go into the pasture.

Today some friends came over and we saddled everything up and took off down the road and on 30 acres that are pretty overgrown.  A friend who hasnt ridden very much rode Coors.  He did great, we rode by a school bus full of kids, a dump truck, barking dogs, and a UPS truck.  We rode through grass taller than the horses and he was a real trooper.

So far we are very happy with him.

Thought you might like an update.

ALSO – my friend is looking for a quiet, gaited horse no taller than 15.1 hands if you can find one please let me know.

Sherry Wade

Original Message —–

From: Lauren Calhoun

To: Pat Dickey

Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2008 5:10 PM

Subject: Re: Mare-sheza


Hi Pat and Pam,

I just wanted to thank you for selling us Rosey (Shesa Rosey Invester).  My husband is so happy to have his own horse, and I enjoy riding her too! Here is her page on our website so feel free to visit and see updates of her and my husband, I will hopefully get some new pics of her up soon.  Thanks again, Lauren & Tres Smith


Hello Pat



We are enjoying Katy which Taylor has renamed Ruby so very much. This horse is a dream come true. She is a sweet heart and is as bomb proof as you can get. Taylor has not stopped riding her since she got here. Taylor has lost all her fear and she is loping even in the open pasture. She has no bad habbits and everyday it just blows us away how great this horse is for Taylor. We took her on a family ranch ride Sat. and there were cows and deer jumping out of brush in front of us and Ruby didn’t even flinch. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us make Taylor’s wish come true. This little mare is awesome!!! Here are some pics let me know if they work this time.


Take care this week





Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how “Hank” and I are doing. We have already had 7 lessons together and are becoming well acquainted. I ride every morning. We are out and about by 7 a.m. before the heat sets in. He is very alert and can be a little spooky with unfamiliar noises but it hasn’t been too much of a problem. He gathers his wits about him quickly after a scare and we continue on. (I think he is starting to recognize the phrase “Pay attention” as we circle the property. His ears are a dead give-away.)  I am usually home by 9 a.m. and he is enjoying his breakfast after a gentle workout. I check on him almost every evening. Take him out for a brush and a little grazing time.

Mark calls him my new boyfriend, I call him my new best friend.

Thanks so much. I love him…

Jane Thomas

Hi Pat and Pam,

I am so glad I found you and Belle.  I am so happy with Belle, she is really great and I just love her.  She’s exactly what I was looking for in a horse, a well trained ranch horse that you can do anything with, and they make great trail riding horses which is what I was looking for.  She’s a combination of Cheyenne, my mare that I lost last year, and my first horse Candy, which were the best 2 horses I’ve had until I found Belle, and I’ve had horses for about 40 years.  I’ve already bonded with her in the short week that I’ve had her and she’s got a good home with me for the rest of her life.  Those ranch and feed lot Quarter horses are the best horses in the world as far as I’m concerned.

My friend Eva, who boards her horse where I live, she has a big 2 wheeled cart that she drives her horse with.  Yesterday Eva and I went out on a trail ride out on the road where I live and we had the best time, we had so much fun.  Belle behaved great, it was trash day, so everyone had their trash at the end of their driveways and Belle just went by the trash cans with no problem, and the cars going by never bothered her, even a motorcycle going by didn’t bother her.  She is so much fun to ride, we’re going to have a lot of great trail rides together.

You’all are really great in matching the right horse with the right person, and I highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a great safe horse to ride and enjoy.  Thank you both so much for matching me with such a great horse like Belle.  If I ever need another horse I’m coming to you.  Thanks again.

Mary Rademacher
Kerrville, TX


Hi Pat,


Ghost passed the last test for me yesterday. We were able to ride him bareback without any problems!


I just can’t get over how much fun he is to ride. He has such a good mind and a big heart. You were right about him wanting to please his rider. I love him so much already and I’m sure I’ll love him even more as time goes by.


I’m so glad that I found Tonkawood Farm. Because of you, Pam, and Les I now have my perfect horse.


Consider him sold and if I hear of anyone else looking for a good, safe horse I’ll be sure to send them your way.


Thanks again!


Rose Hoover


Well, we’re pleased as can be with James – I think you can definitely consider him sold. We rode him out again – even under a tollway overpass with 18 wheelers going overhead – barely an ear flick. We took him to the vet today and she was impressed with how calm he is and how he’ll self load into the trailer.

He and Maddie are warming up to each other – I think he’s growing on her. She’s pinned her ears at him when food’s involved, but he’s not challenging her at all, so we’re seeing her let him get closer and closer. Today after the vet they headed out to pasture to graze side by side.

Thanks for your help finding the right horse!


Melissa  This is the horse James Arness


Hi There…yes, PLEASE put me at the top if your reference list <G>!


Bronzie is absolutely gorgeous.  Everybody that sees him just stands and stares – his coat just glimmers.  He is so sweet – always has his head over the stall in anticipation – he sure likes sweets.  If I cluck to him he just moves right over – he knows exactly what I want – what a find!  I can even clean his feet without a halter on- he just stands there.


I agree with you about Equine Express….they were so professional.  They have a great rig and when they unloaded him, they pull down this big ramp, lined it with large sheets of plywood to keep the horses from coming off the side and placed a large, heavy sisal rug down to prevent slipping.  They delivered him right into the stall.  Then they were on their way to Santa Anita – so if they are delivering race horses, you know they know thier business.


Thanks again Pat.  I will make up a flyer for you out here..the problem is you sell the horses so fast <G>    Have a great day!

Pat Dickey <> wrote:

I knew you would love him………give him a pat for me…….we really miss him…….he is just good on the eyes……..may I post your email on our reference column?.  I have to tell you that your email made my day……..I really do this in my retirement years for the horses and their wellbeing and it is a pleasure to see people like you that appreciate the animals and love them…….he is a gem and I hope to maybe sell some more in your area.  The shipper was absolutely wonderful and I now say when people call me that I will only ship with them.

—– Original Message —–

From: Karen Mahan

To: Pat Dickey

Sent: Monday, June 09, 2008 5:01 PM



Hi Pat!


Just had to let you know that I rode Bronzie for the first time today.  As you know, he came last Wednesday and after giving him some time to acclimate, I had my trainer work with him, riding him today for the first time – then she had me get on him.   I was scared to death – I haven’t been on a horse in over three years and that was only for a few minutes.  I really haven’t ridden in over 10 years.  He was PERFECT!  Stood stock still at the mounting block, moved only when I asked him and was quiet, quiet, quiet, just as you said.  Later I took him for a hand walk on the trails to see how he would react – he saw horses and donkeys and all sorts of scary things – nothing…he just looked – no spooking.  Just like an old trooper.  He stood perfectly for the shoer (went to sleep) and loved his bath (although he promptly rolled!) The worst thing he has done is to be startled by this big monster called an “air conditioner” when it pops on, but he will get used to it.  I can only assume he will get better and better.


Pat, I can’t thank you enough…he is everything you said he was and more.  My trainer loves him and wants to use him in lessons (I don’t know if I can give him up that long!)  You were so upfront about everything (FYI – as you told me the light cribbing virtually disappeared once he settled in – only surfaces somewhat half-heartedly at feeding time).


I WOULD NOT HESITATE TO BUY ANOTHER HORSE FROM YOU!!!!  The experience has been great  – the only thing is that I will miss talking to you on a daily basis.  Please let any of your customers call me if you need a reference – I will happily market any horse out here in California for you too – your honesty, kindness and understanding are desperately needed by us city folk.  Please let your daughter and the team know how appreciative I am for all their hard work to get him ready for me.  If you ever are in this part of town, please come see him and me.  I would love to meet you and thank you in person for giving me back something I thought had been lost forever – riding again.


I’ll keep you posted on his progress.


BTW, I have registered him with the PHBA as “The Gold Ultimatum”
Karen Mahan (aka the scared-to-death 53 year old)
Pat Dickey <> wrote:

Hooray……….he is a beauty……..I miss having him just to look at………you will love him…….just give him a little time and a few treats……you know the way to a man’s heart is his stomach………I bet no one in your town has a prettier one……..ha……let me know how you do……Pat

Hi Pat and Pam,  Sorry I’m late writing to you but it’s been a busy
Christmas season for my mom and she wanted you to have this Christmas
picture of me and my girl Emma.  As you can see by her face she loves
me sooo much and likes to get on me bareback which seems easier for
me and my old back.  Now don’t worry, I’m fat and sassy and feelin
fine but, who ever thought saddles are a horses choosing were wrong!
We will send another picture of my parents but it has to be sent
separately as my mom still hasn’t figured out how to use this silly
thing called a computer.  Thank you for choosing this family for me
as I am very happy here and love my sister Kupid.  We are best
friends as long as I continue to let her be boss…which I do.  Mom
says I’m a wise ole guy.  I’ve come to LOVE those things called
carrots and Christmas morning we got extra goodies from Santa Yummmm,
I think I like this thing called Christmas.  Love a Merry Christmas
to all, your friend, Nifty

f course, you are very welcome to post this!

Michaela Bolinger


How tooooooooooooo wonderful……….may I post this on the reference column?????????? Merry to you and thank heavens your nice husband is home………..Pat

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Sent: Friday, December 21, 2007 2:19 PM

Subject: from Michaela Bolinger,re: King Star Socks


Dear Pat and Pam,


I am sure you don’t remember us, so here is a little refresher of your memory:  In the Spring of 2004, I was looking for a horse for my beginner rider husband who was serving in Iraq at the time.  Well, you found King for us, and my husband and King are best buddies.  They go on trail rides, do some playdays, and even some sortings and pennings, when time allows for it.  King is everyone’s favorite.  He also  takes excellent care of little kids or timid riders.  A perfect example of the type of horse you specialize in!


Both King and my husband Chris wanted to tell you “Thanks”  and “Merry Christmas”.


Michaela and Chris Bolinger

Pidcoke, TX


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From: Pat Dickey

To: Hal in Texas

Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2007 5:36 PM

Subject: Re: Hello from Hal and Pal


Hi Hal,


Hope the Christmas season is wonderful for you, Pal and your nice family.  May I post your nice letter on my reference site?  Pat

—– Original Message —–

From: Hal in Texas

To: Pat Dickey

Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2007 3:52 PM

Subject: Hello from Hal and Pal


Hi Pat and Pam,


I’m that old geezer Hal Herrick that purchased “Buckshot” from you folks last November 21.  I am thinking of you folks, not just because it is approaching the anniversary of my horse adoption, but also because I recently met a new Texas arrival that has interest in becoming a horse owner.  Of course I gave them your Tonkawood site URL.  They won’t be moving here until the first of the year, so it may be a while before they contact you.


So while I’m at it, I will give you an update on my life with “Buckshot”, who has been renamed “Pal”(as in Hal’s Pal).  In the beginning, Pal was boarded first at the Tierra Linda Ranch stables, and then at a friends house.  But in July, I finished having a new barn (Pal’s Palace) and paddock area built for him at my property, and he and I are doing well.  He is now confined in a grassy and wooded area of about two acres, so when it rains he doesn’t have to wallow around in a muddy paddock.  His barn has a run-in shed area and at night I leave his stall open for him to use if he chooses to.  Some times I let him graze in our enclosed yard to graze (See Pal near Fountain).


I started Pal and myself into the Parelli training program, and have finished Level 1 and have started Level 2.  We do a little training nearly every day, and we ether go for a walk or a ride several times a week.  I am practicing riding him bareback around the neighborhood with just a halter and single lead rope rein.  Pal is a favorite with my neighbors and they all remark about how friendly and beautiful he is (I groom him every day so he is always clean and his mane and tail shine).


I will include a few pictures.  I hope you folks are doing well and that Pam will keep Tonkawood running for a long time.  Please keep in mind that if at any time you folks would like to come to Tierra Linda for a ride, I will be able to furnish one or two horses (you are not allowed to bring your own), and we can go for rides around our ranch. Our ranch has never been more beautiful.


Best regards,,


Hal and Pal

Hi Pat and Pam,


I wanted to let you know we just finished our 7 day evaluation of Rumford….who we renamed “Rebel”.  He was our second purchase from Tonkawood, and he is absolutely wonderful!  We went on a big trail ride on Saturday and a couple of smaller trail rides last week.  We had him around cattle, tractors, construction, dogs, and crossed creeks, etc., and he was an angel!


We have all ridden him and he has a excellent handle….but even better is his great mind and temperament.  Thanks again for another great addition to our family : )



Maggie and Kyle Kelley


Absolutely you may! Thank you again!

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From: “Pat Dickey” <>

Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2007 08:36:09
To:”Terri Bright” <>
Subject: Re:

Oh Terri, how nice……I was wondering how it was going. May I use your nice email on our web site references??? You would be amazed how many people talk about that horse when they call us……….they mention the beautiful Trigger………….do not get to many that beautiful……………..keep in touch. Pat
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From: Terri Bright <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, October 06, 2007 10:37 PM


I just thought I would e-mail you and give you an update on Trigger. HE IS WONDERFUL. I love him so much already. I rode him last night in lessons and he did so well. He trots so smooth I love it. He is so friendly to. As soon as he sees you walk out he starts coming up to greet you even if he’s all the way across the pasture. We had a guy here today moving some dirt filling in a low spot and Trigger had to go and greet him and get a few pats in before moving on. He is definitely turning out to be my dream horse. Thank you so much for all your help and honesty.

We are going to be getting in touch with you again hopefully soon. We have our Grulla and white mare up for sale. She is just to mare-ish. She doesn’t bother Trigger or my prison horse gelding but I have another gelding she drives crazy. My daughter that rides her is starting to out grow her also. She’s a little horse and she doesn’t go real fast. It was a good horse for her to learn on; however my daughter wants a brown horse with black mane and tail. I know all of these special requests are crazy. Once she sales I will contact you.

Thanks again and I’ll keep in touch,

Terri Bright

, post away.~~~Louann

On Fri, 31 Aug 2007 18:37:37 -0500 “Pat Dickey” <>
> Oh how wonderfulllllllllllll..may we post your email on the
> web????????????
> That makes our day……..P and P
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> From: <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Friday, August 31, 2007 2:49 PM
> Subject: Blue Bayou
> > Hi Pat and Pam,
> > Just wanted to update you on Blue.  I have been working very hard
> to
> > teach Blue my requirements,  so he is the perfect horse for an
> older, not
> > so agile lady.  Finally, about 2 weeks ago he figured out that he
> was
> > supposed to stand at the mounting block like a statue until told
> to walk
> > on.  Now he is perfect.  He is so steady on the trail, just goes
> where I
> > point him, and very sure footed.  He doesn’t mind leaving Choctaw
> behind
> > now.  I have yet to find anything that spooks him, not even the
> barn cats
> > playing under the tarp that covers the hay. He has learned to wait
> at the
> > pasture gate till “the Boss Man” gets in his stall and then he
> calmly
> > comes in to go to his own stall.  Blue knows when the treats are
> handed
> > out and comes calmly to get his.  He has not learned to eat sugar,
> > carrots, or apples, but seems quite content with the hard, dry
> cookies.
> > He has learned to love a bath, and I never have to tie him, he
> just
> > stands and enjoys his hosing on those hot days.  He groans with
> > contentment when I massage conditioner into his mane and tail.  I
> doubt
> > he ever had such pampering before.  He may not have all the
> advanced
> > training that Choctaw has, but he has his own good qualities, the
> most
> > important of which is to keep me safe, at which he is superb.
> Thanks
> > again for finding him.
> >
> > Louann Hendricks
> > Roswell, NM
> >
> >
>  Hello Pam, Pat, & Darci :)!

By the looks of  your website, ya’ll have been extremely busy!  We just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that we couldn’t be happier with Little Man.  He is absolutely AWESOME!!!  He’s sweet, kind, and so responsive.  Everyone that rides him falls in love with him – and he has been a major confidence booster for Noah.  Noah started trotting him right away but he’s been hesitant to lope.  Well, for my birthday (April 1st) he finally agreed to lope “just once”.  Only about 10 strides the first time – but he did it!  Little Man knew he didn’t want to keep loping and pulled up even before he was asked.  Well loping is kind of like riding a roller coaster … scary the first time, tentative the second, and then addictive ;)!  Suffice to say that Noah and Little Man are now loping all over the pasture.  I’m attaching some pictures I though ya’ll might enjoy.

Happy trails,

Rebecca, Lynn, & Noah

From: <>
To: <>
Subject: Blue
Well, Blue has been here 2 weeks and is just a little doll baby. He came
a bit underweight and skittish after his travels from Houston to
Tonkawood to Pilot Point and finally to Roswell. He even was being a
picky eater, but now seems to have decided that he is finally home and
can eat and relax. He and Choctaw love our native grass pasture, Blue is
gaining his weight back and Choctaw has been put on a diet. Every day I
learn some new surprise about Blue and all the knowledge he has stored
away after years of being a working horse. He is a perfect fit in our
little family and sweet as can be. Thanks again.

Louann Hendricks
Roswell, NM

Pam and Pat,


You can post this message on your website as a reference!


On a group ride at Caprock Canyon my wife and I knew that “Mitzi” my ride of 12 years could no longer carry me over the trails that we like to ride, as she was getting older.


In November 2006 we were turned onto  Over the months since, we have talked to the two of you and visited Tonkawood numerous times.  We have ridden a number of horses that you have had available.


On our visit to Tonkawood on 04/09/07 to ride some new prospects.  You suggested that I ride Froggie” the horse that your sister Darci was riding.  Pam, you assured me you knew exactly what I needed.


Once mounted and riding, I knew he was MY PERFECT HORSE.  I told you that the name Froggie had to be changed, but since then we have found that it seems to suite him well, so Froggie it is.  He is eveything that I wanted, PLUS.  Everyday we learn something new about each other.  He is a keeper and I thank you for getting the two of us together.  We are a perfect match.


I cannot thank you enough for my Awsome New Partner.  Linda will probably be looking for a new horse next year.  Your knowledge of horses and the horses that you offer will bring her back to Tonkawood for her search.


Next weekend we are going on our first ranch ride with Froggie and we will send pictures and keep you posted on how Froggie and I are doing.


Thanks Again,


Dell and Linda Coolidge

Sanger, Texas

Dear Common Ground,

I wanted to thank you personally for finding such a wonderful horse for my wife, Jennifer. When we rescued Flash and Reggie, we knew they would not be appropriate horses for our family due to the condition they were in. Our goal was to bring them back from near death and provide for them a better life. We appreciate you placing those horses in appropriate companion homes as we dearly love both of them.

Trinity has been a God sent for Jennifer. As you know, Jennifer has been riding since she was 4 years old. She rode competively in Hunter Jumper and Dressage. All she ever wanted to do in life was go to vet school to be an equine surgeon. Her life revolves around horses. Since having Trinity for this short time, all my wife wants to do is come home from work, rub all over him, and go for a ride on our 58 acre ranch. I truly do not believe we could have found a better horse.


I also want to thank you for Lightning. Lightning has been a God sent for me as well. He is the most calm, patient horse one could ask for. The kids absolutely adore him. They take turns brushing him and sitting on his back. Lightning doesn’t even flinch when they come running through. We have our Ferrier coming next Friday to place corrective shoes on him to help with his leg. For right now, he has been a great companion to Trinity. Trinity follows Lightning everywhere he goes.


Again, I want to thank Common Ground for everything you do for horses. Trinity and Lightning are part of the family and will always be treated as our children. It makes me smile to see my wife ride on Trinity and enjoy him so much. May you continue to be blessed in your work and efforts to save and provide great homes for these special creatures. We will be sending a photo of the two soon.



Stephen, Jennifer, Brendan and Ethan Garretson


 I just wanted to thank you guys soo much for selling me Sir. Charles! So far he is doing great and very happy here with his new friends. I said that i would email a pic of Charles and the goats. Here is one


Again thank you so much and i will be purchasing another in the future from you!


Tanya Taylor

 New Braunfels,tx


Pat and Pam,

What can I say…we are 4 out of 4 for great horses! (Peggy Sue, Cappy, Stormy, Wichita)   Anyone looking for a good safe horse would be nuts for looking anywhere else!  The enthusiasm and knowledge ya’ll bring make it so worth it.  Thank you so much Pam for taking the time to make the extra effort to get this horse to our daughter before Christmas!!!  You were as excited as we where about Wichita.  Nice touch with the big Christmas bow!!  I feel like we are family…thanks so much for your friendship.  I will keep you informed on Allyssa’s progress with Wichita on the barrels.

It is so refreshing to know that what ya’ll say about each individual horse is true,  you don’t add or take away from the facts about a horses ability, safety,  problems or quirks.  In fact you tend to sway the other way to make sure the right horse gets with the right person.

Thanks Again,

The Bradburns
China Spring , TX


Yes Pat, we would be pleased if you wanted to do that.  They are a great bunch of horses which we couldn’t have assembled without Tonkawood’s help.


Best wishes,


Dave Richards


—– Original Message —–

From: Pat Dickey

To: David M. Richards


Oh how wonderful…………may I post this on our reference column???  Pat

—– Original Message —–

From: David M. Richards

To: Pam Holeyfield

Cc: Gwynne Richards

Sent: Tuesday, December 12, 2006 8:56 AM

Subject: Horses from Tonkawood


Good Morning Pam,


Thought you would like to see a picture of our group.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the horses from Tonkawood.  Thank you for all your help.


Merry Christmas!




David M. Richards

James River Ranch

(Michelle) have formed an amazing bond with her. She nickers for me and follows me after I ride. It is absolutely amazing! I love her sooooo. . .  much. I attached a few pictures of us riding at the SIRE Ride-A-Thon. It was a 12 mile trail ride and she did AWESOME!


Thank you again. We cannot thank you enough for finding Lady for us. We thoroughly enjoy and love her.


~the Wilkins family

Absolutely… can post our e-mail as a reference!

Pat Dickey <> wrote:

Hoorayyyyyyyyy…can I post your email on our reference site………..we loved him too………P

—– Original Message —–


Hi Pat and Pam,


Ralphie (a.k.a. Tango) is a keeper!  We have reached the end of our 7 day evaluation, and he is just the BEST horse!  My daughter and I absolutely love him, and he is a perfect fit for us both.   I rode him on trails today for 2 1/2 hours, and he was a dream to trail on.  It was an extremely windy and cooler day, so it was a good test….he passed it with flying colors.  Kirsten has been riding English in the arena on him as well.


During his vet check, our vet said he has one of the best personalities he has seen.  Thank you so very much!  We will definitely return to Tonkawood for any future horse purchases, and we will send others your way.  We appreciate your “bombproofing” and doing such a good job of evaluating each of the horse’s temperaments and capabilities.  We could not ask for a better match for our family.



Maggie Kelley



You feel free to go ahead and use my email.  This past Saturday, I took Jacob back to the church and he trotted all over the place and rode like a pro (trotting). Sunday he rode again. He was following me around while I worked my mare out. I heard him laughing out loud and turned around and he was galloping. He has done nothing but smile from ear to ear since he got his horse. My dad takes him out to our place after school to ride. He is in Love.

Thanks again

Jessica  ( horse called Notty, see information on the sold horse column)


You feel free to go ahead and use my email.  This past Saturday, I took Jacob back to the church and he trotted all over the place and rode like a pro (trotting). Sunday he rode again. He was following me around while I worked my mare out. I heard him laughing out loud and turned around and he was galloping. He has done nothing but smile from ear to ear since he got his horse. My dad takes him out to our place after school to ride. He is in Love.

Thanks again


Jacob and Notty



Feel free to post it anywhere! I have new pictures of him on our other
computer and will send you one this weekend so you can see him! He truly
has been a blessing!


just wanted to send you an update on a horse that I bought from you I
guess about a year and a half ago. When he was at your place he was called
Snickers, I think he was donated to Common Ground. He is the big 17.2 he
chestnut TB gelding. I wanted to let you and Pam know that he is just
amazing~ I changed his name to Squirt (I want him to think he is alot
smaller!!) and he is one of the barn favorites. He is currently living the
life at The Polo Club in Dripping, and being a goof ball! Everyone just
adores him, the stable hands love him, he is great for the farrier, my
trainer really likes him, and most of all I love him! He is calm and quiet
on the trails, is learning about collection and dressage, clips great,
loves his time outside (eating is his favorite thing), and really enjoys
standing infront of and under his fans in his stall!
I just wanted to let you both know how well he fits in, and how much he is
Jessica Helmer

Hi Pat & Pam,

I just wanted to drop a few lines and let you know that Sweet Tea is awesome.  You were right, it was love at first sight…  I consider him “My Man” but I wont dare say that in front of my husband.  His name remained the same, as it describes him so well.  I have taken him on a few trail rides and he has done great.  He is eager to please and very very smart.  We have been taking lessons and he is fun to work with.  Since his arrival; he has gained weight and looks even more gorgeous.  All I know is that when I am ready to make another purchase, it will be from Tonkawood.  Thank you again for “MY MAN”!!!



Yes, you may.  Our trainer even made a comment and said that when she was in need of another horse, her first stop would be with you guys…  that itself says alot!!


Take Care & Thanks again….


Riding & Living,

Branda Sellman & Sweet Tea

Hi, Pat:

Just wanted to drop you a quick note on “Spook” aka Apache Star.  I bought him from Pam in late January of this year.  Pam and Anne delivered him to our property and he moved right in without any fuss whatsoever.  In the months he has been here, he has become my hero.  He is not a particularly friendly horse, in fact, I would almost call him crotchety, but he is stalwart and loyal and he has proven himself to be my protector.  We have a teenaged gelding here who, well, let’s just say, is full of mischief.  Spook will regularly put himself between me and that horse to keep me out of harm’s way if trouble is coming.  On the trail, no matter what happens, he has never bucked.  He always evaluates every situation before reacting.  When family visits, he is the horse who gets the least experienced rider as he is always mindful of the ability of his rider.  That’s not to say he won’t take advantage but this usually amounts to coming back to me at a fast walk as opposed to running full speed and out of control to his barn.  It’s amazing that this boy who was a stallion when he came to you and still gets “jolly” around the mares, never lets this interfere with his duties when he is being ridden.


He has found a home for life with us and we are looking forward to many, many more years of safe and sane trail riding with this wonderful animal.


Thank you!


Best regards,

JoAnn Hartgrove


Our four year old Richard loves Obie.  He is the perfect horse for a young boy to have as his first horse. He is very gentle and was everything you said he was. What a blessing you and your company is for us and everyone. I highly recommend you for people who want sound, safe, loving horses.



Boerne, Texas


I also want to give you kudos that you can post on your website, if you so choose.


Howard and I are extremely happy with the two horses we acquired from Tonkawood Farms. Ace and Durango (formerly known as Festus) are perfect for us. Pam and Pat do an excellent job of matching would-be owners/riders with appropriate horses. Thanks!!

Thank you!


Good day to you all at the Tonkawood Farm!  I again just wanted to say how much I appreciate the time and consideration you gave in finding the right horse for me.  You should know that Howdy is absolutely the most wonderful horse I could ever have hoped for.  I so love this big guy!  He has given so much to me, not to mention trust in horses again.  I am not riding very much, but we are doing groundwork like crazy and he has been the star of a few small clinics here in my area.  Several people have asked where I found him and if I would like to sell him — NO WAY that is going to happen!  We truly, truly love this horse and you did a great job of matching us up.  He has his miniature donkey (he mothers that donkey a bit) and he is getting a new pal this week from a horse seizure that I took part in not too long ago.  I am doing much volunteer work with Habitat for Horses, as a matter of fact I have 5 very pitiful, skinny, neglected horses here right now.  They are in a round pen just trying to get some strength back.  We took them in a seizure Tuesday night.  I am definitely getting much experience dealing with all of these horses.  We also rescued 33 horses about 6 weeks ago.  Some didn’t make it, but the ones that did are doing great now.  Anyway, I was thinking of you and thought that I would say hello!  I will send a new photo after the little guy gets here so that you can see our “herd.”

Hope that you are all doing well.

Dana Carter

Brian and Dana Carter
141 Hunters View Circle
Boerne, TX 78006
Phone #: 830-537-4908

Hi Pat,


Here is a picture of Kearsten on Snowball. They are doing great! She took her lesson on her and did really well. Kaitlin also rode her during her lesson and likes him better then her own horse!! So, so far everything is going good. Thanks for your prompt attention to our request to find the “perfect horse” for our friend but it all worked out great for us in the end! I will send you more pic later under saddle both english and western. Thanks again.


Angie Pollok




Hooray..may we post your email on our reference column?  I will check with Pam on the pictures….Pat

You bet!!!  J


—– Original Message —–

From: santafefossil



Thanks so much…….may I have permission to post your email on our reference site?? Thanks…Pat

Please do.  Also sending pictures of Montana my wonderful purchase from Tonkawood.  He is doing great!


—– Original Message —–

From: Boggs Lisa B GG-13 HQ AIA/DOYI

To: ; Boggs Lisa B GG-13 HQ AIA/DOYI




First off, thanks for your interest in Wolfy.  And, as much as I want to find him a great home and especially to a caring buyer such as yourself…  I don’t think Wolfy would be the best choice to renew your interest in riding.  One of the BEST horses for the beginner level I ever purchased was from Tonkawood Farm.  I am providing you with their email and website.

Pat @ 830-693-8253

Pam @ 512-779-5286


When it comes to a bombproof horse – these are the only people I trust.



Dear Tonkawood,

It has been several weeks since I purchased a beautiful 6 yr old gelding QH from you and I wanted to say thank you.  His new name is Montana aka Monty.  I am riding three times a week and he is the most forgiving and tolerant horse. I have learned so much from Monty and I have been training at the Sandy Hills Stables of LaVernia to ensure I improve my riding/horse care-training skills.

In mid-May I will be starting my own pasture boarding facility in LaVernia which is very close to San Antonio.  I am new but learning rapidly regarding the care of horses and the equine business.  If at any time you need a horse-home-base near San Antonio I am certainly interested in helping.

Additionally, any POC’s or advice you can provide as I approach this endeavor would be much appreciated.

In the fall I will be approaching you again with my “wish list” for another horse.  I have received many offers to purchase other horses, but I plan on waiting to get a horse from you that is tailored to meet my skills/needs.

Once again thank you for such a wonderful horse and rest assured he is receiving wonderful care.

Lisa Boggs

SL Ranch

504 Lake Valley Drive

LaVernia, TX  78121




Of course you may post our letter on the reference column. We know how much ya’ll loved Razz and Pretty Boy and we know why. They are nothing short of spectacular. They have adjusted well to their new home, and will be pampered on a regular basis. We are so glad that we found Tonkawood farm and the great friendly people who make it the wonderful place that it is. I will get pictures of Razz and Pretty Boy to you this week. Thanks again!




Megan and Jonathan Kutac



Razz and Hoss (Pretty Boy Floyd) are phenomenal! They are everything you said they were and much much more.We have been riding and having a blast. We went trail riding down on the river bottom (San Antonio river) today. Razz and Hoss’s true test. They passed with flying colors. While riding we came within 20 yards of some wild hogs and also came across a cubby of quail. No problems. Both horses took a look and went about their way. We were very pleased and impressed. We are riding in the Santa Rosa Trail Ride March 18th in Falls City benefiting Santa Rosa Children’s hospital. We will be sending you some pictures soon. Thank you very much for two awesome horses.



Megan and Jonathan Kutac


Hi, Pat,

I had a wonderful and enlightening time coming out to your place on Monday.  Anne and Pam were very helpful!  It was great to be back in the saddle again.  I didn’t realize it, but it has really been five years since I have done any riding.  We had our old gelding, until a year ago,  but he was too broad for me and uncomfortable to ride.  I had forgotten the magic that happens between horse and rider. I had also forgotten how quickly horses pick up on the ability (or lack thereof) of their rider.  Fletcher quickly picked up on my initial hesitancy.


Once Pam helped me to remember how to assert myself (as I always used to with my mare),  I did well and Fletcher

began to listen and I remembered about the strong relationship that I had with my Gypsy .  I am looking forward to building  that same trust bond with Fletcher.  I think he is the one.  Once we build that bond, I know we can have some really neat times together. (I am trying to remain open minded, however, at Pam’s suggestion, in case another horse comes in that might be even better for me.)


I went away feeling so satisfied.  I also felt a bit silly for having forgotten the basics.  But Pam was wonderful in her kind way of giving me permission to exert control when I needed it. On the way home I was recalling how I built my relationship with Gypsy when I first got her. It was a really neat process…getting to know each other and trust each other.   I am anxiously anticipating that neat time again with a new horse.


We made plans with Pam to come back out this weekend to ride Fletcher using a different bit.   She is so neat!  You really have some wonderful folks out there that make it easy for people like me to find what we need in a warm, friendly environment.

I’ll be in tuch to schedule a time on Saturday once it gets a bit closer to the weekend.


Thank you again,


Anne Bohuslav

Hi Pat and Pam,

We’ll also send along another picture with the kids riding Snickers — feel free to mention on your site that Molly is our second kid horse from Tonkawood.

Lisa and Esther Pomeleo-Fowler


Hi Pat and Pam,

As promised, here is a picture of Sandra Jewel on Molly last weekend.  She’s doing just great here and the kids love her.  The geldings have certainly calmed down since Molly got here (what a relief!).

We’ll send along another picture with Shelby on Molly soon.

Take care,
Esther and Lisa Pomeleo-Fowler
<<Sandra Jewel Pomeleo-Fowler and Molly.JPG>>



Of course you can post it, we may see you again before too long ,
Blackie will need a friend. Have a great day!Kristine

From: “Kristine Sherrill” <>
To: <>

>I wanted to send you a update on Blackie. We have been out to ride
> the past two weekends and he is a complete gentleman . He loves to
> out and about , sometimes not wanting to return home . He is
> I ever dreamed of. He follows us like one of the dogs and is getting
> used to the constant loving we provide. In the srpring when we get
> rain and we can finally have a yard his favorite places to stand and
> will change. He has taken up in the front flower bed and by the air
> conditioner!  I love to look out the bedroom window to see him
> contently in the sun. Thanks for helping bring such a special friend
> our family.
> Kristine , Scott , and Brooke Sherrill


Pam, Amy & Pat, just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your help in finding out little Cat. She is such a beauty and what a dream! Cassidy just thinks she is so beautiful, she is so excited she wanted to stay all night. And Cat was doing great, by the time we left she had pretty much  taken control of the paddock and was waiting anxiously for dinner, looking very at ease. I know she misses you all already and her little buddy, but please know that she will be very spoiled with love and attention by us all. We’ll be out there first thing tomorrow, with carrots this time :), doing some grooming and hanging out. You guys have been SO amazing through this, really and truly. After going through our “trauma” with Bandit, it was so wonderful to have people we could trust who have been so willing to help this be a wonderful experience. Your knowledge, caring and loyalty to your horses shows thru in everything you do, but it also extends to those you are helping out, and for us, that meant the world. Thank you again. I will def. send pictures soon! Oh, and let me know if you ever need portraits done, I’ll work ya a heck of a deal! 


Take care,

Jen, Justin & Family

I love the pictures. I was so excited when I saw him ( when we came
there) I forgot those pictures were taken. Of course you can post the
message on the web.
We love him and thank you for him! Have a great day! Kristine
>>> “Pat Dickey” <>
Hi, Can I post your message on the web…don’t you love the pictures
and the
one of you???? Pat
—– Original Message —–
From: “Kristine Sherrill” <>
To: <>
We enjoyed the pictures on the website of us with Blackie. I followed
your advice about Blackie and he is setting in . He seems to wait for me
to come out to see him everyday. I walk right up to him with the halter
and he willingly goes with me.. We love him! Thank- you for  what you do
. He is the perfect addition to our family! Thanks
Kristine Sherrill
Yes you all may use the email. Jack Mountain Ranch is very pleased with
Bling, and your overall commitment to matching horse to family!!

 Hal Meyer
business home 512.918.9868
business cell 512.422.4681

>Pat and Pam, Bling is doing great! We had him out for rides with the other
>horses 4 times last week and he did great. We got our daughter-in-law a
>ride with him last week and he was excellent…smooth, gentle and
>accommodating a novice. He is starting to feel more comfortable being on the
>ranch and around us and coming up for treats. He is also a very slow, slow,
>eater….takes a mouthful, chews, chews, stands with head up and back to
>the grub:) Richard is to stop by today and pick up the rest of the
>paperwork and the 3 breast straps. He is meeting the vet on Tuesday to get
>up-to-date on his shots.
>:) Hal Meyer
>business home 512.918.9868
>business cell 512.422.4681


Hi Pat,

please feel free to use any e-mail regarding Dilly ( Squirt) in your reference file.

I have had a couple of people e-mail me about y’all and the horses, I had great things to say for y’all.



Hi Pat and Pam,

I just want to let y’all know how wonderful Dilly is doing, we took the horses to Bandera for 5 days about 3 weeks ago, and Dilly did just wonderful, climbed those high, rough , hills like a mountain goat, and has great control. He really watches where he puts his feet coming down, I was really impressed. He didn’t booger or find anything that startled him. He just really seemed to have a good time. Very powerful and strong.

Last weekend we went to Parrie Haynes, near Killeen for 3 days with him and Chip, Don’s horse. Same story, just great. We found some chest deep water, and he went right off in it, and never had a problem, he seems to be a “water baby”.

I can never thank you enough for this willing, kind, loving horse. He has definitely filled all my, “wish list” for a horse.

Thank you again.

Happy Trails,

Ramona Allen

Hi Pat,

I bought a horse “Toby” from you several years ago.  1999. I call him Splash.  My husband had died and he was a sort of present to myself.  I still have him and enjoy riding him nearly every day.  I moved to my ranch early in 2002.  Now he lives a very pampered and happy life with a big pasture and lots of grass. I have three other horses, but he is still my favorite.


I started learning the Parelli horse training method and am concentrating my efforts in that direction.


I just wanted to let you know that I am very grateful I found Splash and thank you sincerely.


Judy Tor


Dear Pat and Pam:


Thank you so much for your help in finding a horse for us.  My daughter Kristen enjoyed coming out to your place to ride the prospective horses.  We were disappointed that the paint horse had the medical problem and hope that he recovers fully from the surgery.  We appreciate your interest in trying to help us, and for putting us in contact with Ms. Shana Allen.  Mac has been great.  Kristen has developed riding confidence and really loves that horse.  Yesterday we rode several hours on a large ranch.  Kristen rode by herself all afternoon and she and Mac both did great.  Your sincere interest in helping folks find the right horse is very evident, and that is something you don’t find every day in the horse business.  I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is looking for a horse.




David Nantz

Burnet, Texas


Of course you can put my note on the reference column.  I can write an
even better reference . . . I am coming back for another horse aren’t I?

We went on a ride at my son’s Bastrop ranch (125 acres).  Beautiful
ride.  Pilgrim behaved wonderfully after he got used to the new
surroundings.  Gabe chased some cows and I think Pilgrim found a new
hobby.  I don’t think he had done that before.  Anyways, the rest of the
time there we couldn’t get him to take his eyes off the cows/calves.  I
really think Pilgrim liked it more than Gabe did.  The expressions he
would make while staring at the cows.  We laughed so much.

I have a buyer coming out to look at my horse today.  Hopefully that
will happen fast.  I need that money to come shopping some more.

I will stay in touch.



Hi Pat and Pam,


I just wanted to e-mail you and let you know that Cowboy is doing GREAT. We are loving him, and he is just a sweetheart. Runs to the gate when we come outside. He wants to be wit us all the time, and whinnies when we are in the house to try and get us to come out and see him. I even got on him out in the pasture today. I don’t have a bit yet, so I tried riding him bareback with just a halter. He was fine at first, but got excited and started loping. I have found out that he doesn’t slow down with a halter. I guess he is just used to having that bit in his mouth for speed control. I don’t think he has ever been by himself. My neighbor, 2 houses dow, had about 20 horses. Cowboy can see them from our fence. He talks to them alot, and won’t leave that side of the pasture unless we come outside. You can tell he really wants to be with them. We are very pleased, and I can already tell he is really going to be spoiled.

I also was also e-mailing to ask if Pam came home with any horses the other day. I know she was going to look at some, and I remember her saying there were probably some paints. Just wondering. Could you let me know if she came back with anything? Thankyou so much. May God bless ya’ll today.



Hi   Pat and Pam,

Have been having trouble with my e-mail, just tried to send a message, but not sure if it went, so here I go again.

I can’t thank y’all enough for Dilly, ( Squirt), he is such a wonderful horse, the more we bond, the better it gets, he is smart, sweet, easy going, willing, and really comfortable to ride!

I don’t think he has had a lot of baths in his lifetime but he is beginning to enjoy them.

Really looking forward to all our trips with him. He has settled in with the other horses, and gets alone great. He and Don’s gelding, Chip, act like they have been together all their lives.

I just wanted to update y’all and say thanks again.

Happy Trails,

Ramona Allen              please note new e address:




Dear Pam and Pat,


So sorry that it has taken this long to get you a picture of Tumbleweed (AKA: Big Boy) to you.  We have been so busy with playdays and trail rides and grand entries in rodeos that we haven’t been able to say thank you once again for this wonderful addition to our family.  Tumbleweed is an absolute dream.  Talk about a great teacher!  Not only does he load/unload himself,stand still for hours on end and is polite at feeding time, he has been an extreme confidence builder.  After going through a pretty bad throw (twice), my confidence was shot.  Pam is a witness to my being a basket case when we came to ride Tumbleweed.  After about 10 minutes, I was riding the ‘trails’ there at the farm and was sold.  My son Kyle loves to ride him and he would by himself if Tumbleweed would move once I move away to make room!  He just knows that Kyle is not experienced.  We plan on making another purchase in the future for our son Kyle and will be turning to Tonkawood Farms.  I tell anyone who will listen about your place and the wonderful experience we had and are having now with Tumbleweed.  Thanks again.


Happy Trails

The Green Family

Thrall, TX


Hello, Pat and Pam.  Here is a picture of Jessica on Copper at our home.  They seem to be hitting it off very well.


Thank you guys for all the help and your professionalism.


Jeff Garrett


Just a line to let you know that all is well with TC.  We enjoy him so much.  I think of you often and of our phone conversations prior to picking him up in Lampasas.  TC is just great.  Sara has trail ridden TC with no problem.  His first big outting was a 6 hour trail/pasture ride.  We rode thru creeks, thru brush, etc.  Saw deer, wild hogs, and turkeys.  TC has such a kind disposition…..such a pleasure to be around.  We rode this past weekend, both Sat. & Sun. in the pasture.  He is husband proof.  We rode at dusk (pm) and back to camp in the dark.  Oh, and TC will load himself… walking him in.  And if you like, unload him, throw the lead rope over his neck and hop on.  He’ll do that too.


No regrets with TC……


Many thanks, Terry Weise

940-864-8535 X #208

864-3764 home


P.O. Box 115

Haskell, Texas  79521


Hey, Pat/Pam! We just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying Grandpa! Asa named him “Milky Way”after a horse in a Mike Blakely song, and he has ridden him all over the ranch with me and my daughter.  What a sweet ol”soul he is.  The first day Asa rode him here he dressed up as a Indian, and had the best time.  This weekend we are going out to look for a lost cow, and this time Asa gets to go with us.  He is thrilled.  Thanks! Certainly you may use my letter to you on your website.  I agree that more people should consider old horses for little children.  They have so much to offer! Thanks!

Jennifer  Ortiz

Dear Pam and Pat,

I just have to write to let you know how pleased I am with the lesson horses
you helped picked out for my program.

Just yesterday I was able to teach a rider that has some lower body weakness
to canter.  A dream this rider has been trying to achieve for almost a year.
His first ride on Picasso and he cantered just after the warm up.

I have searched high and low for quality lessons horses.  I am so thankful
to be able to use Tonkawood as my only  source for finding  quality horses
for lessons and referring Tonkawood to all my clients.

I cannot convey completely in words how pleased I am to have found a business
that really knows horses and can be completely honest in their dealing in
the horse industry.

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the horse world.

Lori G. Gould
Horse Encounters
certified NARHA Instructor

Jeb arrived at 6 am this morning. He’s in wonderful shape after his long trip. He was very hungry and snipped at my Appy gelding to get at his food. I gave him a scoop of alfalfa cubes and three large flakes of hay. I’m keeping both of them inside today to get used to one another. He was a little excited about being in new surroundings but nothing I couldn’t handle. He sniffed my face to get acquainted. The hauler said he had a fit when they took his filly away from him that was traveling with him but then he settled down after a while. Marlene wanted to keep him and asked me if I was willing to change my mind about him. Ha ha. I said not after having two Appys. I told her about how I had to round pen them and push them around for at least half an hour before I could ride them and that Pam said that I wouldn’t need to do that with Jeb. She agreed saying that after being with Jeb for 3 days she doesn’t feel that he would need any prep before a ride. We had an unusual col! d snap today so that’s another reason I left them inside. We will warm up tomorrow again. He looks like a quarter horse build but doesn’t have big quarter horse jowls. He has such a sweet looking face. I can’t wait to take him out with my riding friends. I hope he doesn’t get spoiled sitting over the winter. I love him already. He’ll have a great home here. Thanks for all of your help. I’ll write you again after I’ve had him out on the trail.





Please let Pam know how much we are enjoying both of these horses. They have been a great fit for us. Critter does fine without shoes now and is a wonderful horse.  I was at a Jody Cunningham horse clinic in Blanco today and he was saying that more than 80% of the new horse owners have sold their horses within the first two years and that more could be done to help new horse owners pick the right horse and understand them.  I thought about ya’ll and the much needed service you provide not only for the rider but the horse.  Thanks and best of luck!


John Shaver

Hello Pat & Pam,

Just thought I would Keep you posted on Happy. Alex changed his name to Heaven, which describes him perfectly. Alex and Heaven are now part of the Fiesta Pony Club. Also Cathy Sleeper is also starting to train heaven and Alex in dressage. We get so many compliments and offers on Heaven, but all we say are thank you and no way he is not for sale!!! Thank you again for finding the perfect match for Alex. We also sent some pictures and we will continue to keep you updated.

Cristina Garza

Dear Pat and Pam,

Don and I would like to just thank you for finding us a really great horse. Poncho rides so smoothly and never gives us a bit of trouble;yall did great

We will be looking for another horse in the near future, and hopefully we will find one just as good as Mr.Poncho.  We did finally break down and got a computer-I am on it all the time. I check your website frequently, and it looks like yall got a couple of good ones in. Rocky sounds terrific.

Well thanks again hope to see yall soon.

Take Care,

Don and Stacey Hanks

Hi Pat and Pam,

Just a quick note to let you know how much we LOVE our new horse Teddy! He is very sweet, gentle, easy to saddle, great on trails, good in the ring, and very responsive. Thank you SO much for finding him for us! We are really having fun with him and wouldn’t hesitate to put a brand new beginner on him.

We have looked for a horse for our 9 year old daughter for 1 year. I drove to Austin to the Tonkawood Farms and met and fell in love with an 8 year old gelding named “Cutter”. We show our horses in the fast growing cowboy mounted shooting sport and needed a horse with a great disposition. Cutter has given my daughter the confidence she needed. She has now showed him in 3 shows and has taken 1st place in two of them. Just last week Cutter was a perfect gentleman for a 75 year old lady who hadn’t ridden in 20 years. She had the best time she has had in a long time, thanks to Cutter!

Gulf Coast Mounted Shooters
Cheryl McLane


Luther and I went on our first training on the Mounted Search and Rescue and he just did

GREAT!!!!!!!!!I was so proud of him. We went through our ground maneuvers and then we saddled up and went through the balance maneuvers and then we got to get out and go through the field and then the trees and look for someone. We were the first there, and

he acted like he had done this all his life. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR matching us up.

He is awesome. Here is a picture of us at training we are just getting ready to go out.

Ride Safe,



Sure you can use us for a reference. I will sure tell everyone how trustworthy you are, as Luther is everything you said he was and then some. I never bought a horse unseen or unseen ridden before in my life. Got him home and let him rest and look around for about

an hour and then I saddled up and we went for a ride and he was great. The next day we

went to our Mounted Search and Rescue Training and he led the way. He was soooo good.

Everyone couldn’t believe I just got him. I would recommend you and your program to anyone I know looking for a good safe horse.

Thanks again,



Dear Pam, just wanted you to know how MUCH I like “Scout”!. We are loping everywhere circles, etc.  He loads GREAT now and the picture is with my new 2 horse trailer! Pam he’s smoother that “Sam I AM”. And I thought I’d never find a horse I’d love more that “Sam”, but you’ve done it again!

I’m starting to ride more now that it is getting a little cooler than those 100%! So, hope to loose a little weight on me and tone up both me and Scout”…….Everyone that sees him likes him-thanks again….

Love, Sally Murry


A great home for a GREAT horse!  Sterling was a big time jumper in his first life.  When his jumping days were over he has become the beloved friend to Colton Zizelman.  A love story for both of them!

Hello Pat,

We have entered Smokin in the open horse show at the San Antonio rodeo Feb, 16. Ashley is going for high point on him. Kendall will also be showing him in a couple of classes. We are so happy with the way he is turning out. He really has it made down here. If you or Pam get down this way, let us know.

Stay warm and dry,

Mike Varelans

Hello Pat & Pam,

Well it has been about a year since we purchased Smokin from you. Just to let you know that he is doing great. We purchased a place east of San Antonio this summer. It’s an old appaloosa horse farm with about 20 acres of the prettiest grass you have ever seen. He shares 3 acres with our other horse and there is no way they can eat it all, but they try.

He will be in a IBHA show this weekend in San Marcos. Also, there is a picture of him and our daughter participating in a trail ride in the November issue of the “Horse Gazette”. We are still very pleased with him.

I’ll let you know if anything else happens,

Mike Varelans

Dear Pam,

I just had to send you a note about “Popeye”.  First of all, I have figured out he is a CURLEY (or, at least a cross bred) origin from Russia.  What a find! 

This horse is with an 11 year old young girl who almost sleeps with him every night.  She can do anything on him!  She swings a rope off him, herds cattle, rides fence lines and all up in the brush – doges barking ON his heels – nothing phases him.  She is little and struggles up to the saddle and Popeye waits calmly for her, then off they go.  Everybody raves over him, his curly hair and unusual color.  What a dream of a horse for a child – he’s worth thousands.


Thank you so much for sending him to us.  I’ve always been so happy with all my horses I’ve gotten from you, and their exceptional quality.  I just had to let you know about “Popeye” and what a wonderful boy he is…and, the little girl who has him.


Thank you again so much and I look forward to the next many months of fabulous horses from Tonkawood.  Keep ’em coming!!

 Hope 4 RanchEllen Sinclair

PO Box 384Adkins, Texas  78101


Dear Pam,

This is Elizabeth Sandlin and you sold me Razmataz about two years ago. I just wanted to let you know that we are doing wonderful!! We are planning on going to some shows in Austin and Las Colinas and are currently jumping around 2’6″ or 3′.  Taz is doing great and has really grown a lot! I just wanted to thank you and wish you the best wishes! I hope to see you soon maybe at some shows this summer or fall. So i just wanted to let you know how we are doing and to thank you for bringing this great horse into my life! God bless!                                sincerely,                                    ~*Ü Elizabeth Sandlin Ü*~

Pam and Pat

We are having a great time with our new horses.  I would like to thank you for helping us find horses that fit us.  Let me tell you we go hand in hand with our horses.  You have helped us achieve a long time dream of owning horses.  We look forward to many, many days of happiness on the open trails.

Happy trails!

Trent and Laura


Dear Pam and Pat,

Just want to let you know WE LOVE BAILEY!  He is such a great horse.  We have taken him on the trails and in the ring.  He is very sweet, calm and willing.  Doesn’t spook at anything and will do whatever we ask.  We even let our beginner friend and her 8 yr old son ride him and he was a perfect gentleman.  He does equally well by himself or with other horses.  He’s exactly what we were looking for!  Thank you for taking the time and effort to find the perfect horse for us.  You provide a great service.  We would gladly buy another horse from you and recommend you to our friends.  Please feel free to use us a reference.

Have a great weekend! Jack and Laurel Cunnane      
(254) 690-2183

Dear Pat and Pam

I finally got some film developed of Frank.

Frank is still as wonderful as the day he came home with us. I have been taking riding lessons every week. I had to begin lessons on the instructor’s horse but I go home and practice on Frank. He is very patient and tolerant with me as I learn. I am excited because this Sunday he gets to go to the lesson and I will be riding him from Monday on. I am so proud of him. I look forward to showing him off. We can’t wait until April warm weather and trails!

I can not begin to tell you how important Frank has been. He helps give me such pleasure, purpose and energy. Riky has said a hundred times how lucky we were to find you all and make that trip to find Frank.

We thank you all again for your honesty, and your committment to providing the right horse to the right home. Your caring makes a difference for all!

Suzette, Ricky and Frank

Hi Pat,

This is Tiffany Johnson (zipper). He is a glorious horse and I had the opportunity to ride him. I would have to say I have never been on a horse more well mannered and well trained. The girls have had quite a few opportunities to ride him and the ONLY problem he has ever shown is wanting to cut corners with them, though he never even thought about it with me. I do not see the cutting corners a ray ban outlet problem, as the girls must learn to use the legs, and what better way then a little help. If a kids horse has only one bump you really lucked out. Zipper is very sweet and very gentle, and seems to rather like all the Tate’s children brushing, petting, and loving on him. He is very much a gentleman and is very careful where his feet and head goes. He loves being tacked up and ridden and each time the girls get better and stronger with their legs and zipper just gets better with his corners. zipper was out for the first time all night, last night and did fine. Very glad to see us this morning with his breakfast. I would have to say zipper is most definitely the happiest horse I have ever seen and has never frowned once. I cant wait until the years ahead as the girls learn from the fabulous animal about life and ridding.

I appreciate everything you have done and Mike and I will ourselves be ready to buy a beginners schooling horse, so we will be back. Keep us in mind when you find one.


I hope that things are going well for both of you!

I am having a blast with my new horse…He has turned out to be so awesome! With tax season in full swing my schedule became really hectic. I took him to the old barn and put him in full training. My trainer thinks I made a great choice. I am so excited! His dressage work has just astounded me—being around all of the warmbloods he now thinks he is one!!! Thank you very much for working with me….

LaNett Johnson

*”Once in a while personal experiences with several individuals networking on behalf of others can get good results………..” I went through files of individuals, training facilities and breeders searching for information just as I would do an appraisal……..” “I hit paydirt with a lady and her facility about sixty miles from our ranch. cheap jerseys She has operated in several phases of the equine industry for many years, and her daughter is a competitive jumper as well as a trainer. These two ladies are pretty well known in the horse world.”……So we traveled to see the 16.3 hh Thoroughbred of about 1,200 pounds walk, trot, canter and jump the course several times. He was awesome, and he and his rider were as beautiful as a poem in motion.”……

This has to be the best Christmas/New Year I have ever had because the plans of our main characters came together, as promised. People who were strangers a few weeks ago, made a happy deal, because of networking with professionals in whom they have faith.”

Don McKee Equine Appraisals

“…I wouldn’t trade him for the world”…….Cindy


I absolutely love this horse!! He is so smooth and I can even sit the trot, which will help my sore back……” Elaine


The…who bought a horse from you a few months ago are friends of mine. I admire the horse you sold them……”John M.


Pam and Pat, I can’t THANK YOU enough for finding “Baily” and “Toad” for us. We are so pleased with BOTH horses we purchased from you. It is very hard to 1.find a horse that fits your personality, and 2. Find honesty and integrity in the horse business. You have a “nack” like no other and I have been around the horse business for the last 20 years. Again, thanks so much………….Sheri”

Dear Pat and Pam” Today I had my first lesson at the dressage clinic. The lady is from up Boerne area– her name is——–. I really like her–I have another lesson tomorrow. I wanted to tell you that Winston did wonderfully! He will help my confidence. One of the women there wanted to buy him, according to my husband…she(and the instructor)asked where I got him, and I think you may have a new market there……………..I want to thank you for helping me find him………………..over-all he is doing very well for me. Thanks again……….Anne”

Allie is wonderful. ………………I love her to death…………………Regards, Sam”

Hanna is very, very happy with the services y’all provide at the ranch. Pam was right on target when she recommended we buy Hannah a horse named Jay which she fell in love with. Both Hannah and Jay love it at the ranch and we feel very safe with Pam on duty. Thanks for all you do……Mike”

Thanks again for all your help. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it”…..” ” Hi! Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how Miss Priss and I are doing…….we were in a show not long ago and she did great! Are you ready for this..2 first place ribbons in DRESSAGE! She did wonderful….Barb

Dear Pat, I wanted to give you an update on Dan. He’s wonderful. Everything you said he was. Very smart, quiet, and a joy to be around………………………..Barb

Victor and I are constantly learning together and are establishing a strong bond/trust/friendship. Thanks again for the wonderful animal……………….Kirsten

Dear Pam and Pat,

I am so pleased with my horse! I really appreciated the help and the time you allowed me with my horse before purchasing him. Not everyone in the business provides that type of arrangement. I had no reservations about purchasing him after the time I was given to get to know him. He is a wonderful horse. I really love him and we have a promising future together. I can’t wait to start showing! Again, thank you both for everything………………Nancy

No thank yall and as i said you send anybody my way and i will gladly give you and pam my recomendation. Which i dint give out lightly

 Call me at anytime.


MLMayo, owner

Crooked Tree of Texas

Log Ranch Homes & Cabins

and Ranch Services

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Oh my gosh…thank you so much…you have made all our time and effort worth while…we really appreciate your kind words…your granddaughter is awesome….great great pictures….


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Well miss Dickey hope all is well with you and Pam.  This is MLMayo who bought the big grey horse lonesome.  My grand daughter was coleman rodeo queen this year and headed up the Coleman County Cowgirls.  Her and the grey stole the show. Just wanted to thank you for selling me this horse. The honesty and integrity you and pam displayed is rare. Especially when buying a horse. Will be talking to yall soon to but another



MLMayo, owner

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Yes, please title the photo:

Aoki, a Hanoverian mare, photo by owner Wena Poon

(I’m a photographer!) … I changed her name to Aoki when I got her…
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How beautiful she looks…you are a good “MOM” may I put this on my website?   Pat


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To: Klotz Pam; Dickey Pat
Subject: Happy July Fourth!


Dear Pam and Pat, wishing you and your family a happy July Fourth!


It’s been more than 2.5 years since I adopted Holly, a black mare, from your farm. We are still at Rio Vista Farm where she lives in a giant pasture with a free-ranging herd. I ride her every weekend. She still remembers her training very beautifully, although of course with herd life and no trainer, she and I have bargained for exactly how much time she has to work versus play. She only works part-time she says.


Here is a photo of her. Have a great holiday weekend!