Trade In Policy

Our old horse trade in policy is set up to guarantee our grand old horses that can teach for years a safe haven from harm as they age.  Tonkawood gets grand old horses from time to time that we call Professors. These horses are good old souls that have paid their dues in the working world, yet have years of safe riding and teaching children and new riders the game of safe grand horsemanship. When our buyer finds these guys, we always take them as our folks need on many occasions just that, a teacher in a “horse suit”.

Our policy is that if you buy one of our Professors, you have the option to return him or her to Tonkawood for an upgrade if and when his job is done and the rider wants to move up a notch.  We guarantee that each Professors will be taken back to Tonkawood and credited for a new “model”.   Our overriding goal is that they live out their lives in safety and service. When they no longer can, they will  retire here at Tonkawood.  If you see *professor on the site, you know that this is one.