Our mission is to match horse and rider for the combined well-being of both animal and human. We represent the horse in our dealings, as it is our contention, that a good partnership of horse and rider are essential for the joy, safety, spirit and sheer pleasure of both horse and human. 

We are a family operation that specializing in selling child safe and amateur safe horses for families and individuals. The term bombproof can apply. (please see our explanation above on what bomb proofing means.) We bring a professional background in the horse business that spans 45 years. We have a reference tab that tells our background and experience (about us) and ask that you check out our credentials our policies and our background before you inquire and arrange a visit to Tonkawood Farm.


We encourage you to visit our Horses For Sale site.

If we do not have a horse on our site that meets your needs, we will find one for you.

Call Pat or Pam @( 830 693 8253) Tonkawood Farm. Our email address is Pat@tonkawood.com