This beautiful horse is as kind and nice as he is pretty. Redford is a 14 year old gelding that stands 15 1 hands. He is a wonderful horse for a family to trail ride and he is safe, fun and extremely smooth on the trail. He loves to get out on the road, a trail and see the world. He is a non spook model of a horse that is rare as he just does not get bothered by anything coming his way. Our student took him down our busy road 403 and out to the highway alone. No cars or noise even phased him. He just is safe and a good horse. We recommend him for anyone that wants to have a good safe ride be it in the wood, out on the road or anywhere you want to take him. These good safe horses are worth their weight in gold as new riders, children or families that just want a safe ride are always looking for his kind. We have videos of him out on the road for review.