Friends we want to introduce you to Jackpot. This horse is one of the most amazing horses to come to Tonkawood Farm. Our buyer bought him from a family that used him for their daughter. She lost interest and along came boys! So Jackpot came for sale . He stands at 14 2 hands. He quite obviously has been trained in reining. As we started to evaluate him he was amazing. He does flying lead changes, backs in the box, over the poles, and will spin and slide stop. His previous owner told our buyer he was also used as a turnback horse. Not only is he sharp to ride, he is gentle with children and actually took a six year old around the ranch here bareback with our student leading him. Jackpot is off to a horseshow this weekend already. I will post as to how he does. Serious buyers please! I also have video of Jackpot doing his ring work and another of him going down the road alone to the highway.