(sale pending) Once in a while we get an unusual horse and Rapsody is the one.  He is a 14 year old gelding that is one half walking horse and one half quarter horse.  He is a fun ride as you can ask him to gait, which is smooth four beat gait or he can shift grears and do a regular trot.  These kind of horses are great for anyone that wants to trail ride as he is smooth and good for anyone back. He does a fast walk and really covers ground as the plantation walking horses were bred to do.  If you want a great trail ride or an at home horse for anyone to ride, this guy is the one.  All the students love to ride him as they are learning how to do a gaiter horse and love it.  Rapsody stands 14 3 hands and is a pretty safe nice horse. Videos will be available.  He is fun to watch and ride.