Col Hickory Jewel

(sale pending)Oh my gosh folks.  Look at the new horse we just got in.  Jelwel is an 11 year old registered American Quarter Horse mare.  She was owned by some friends of one of our instructors here at Tonkawood. Jewel was owned and shown by a nine year old girl.  She was trained by her grandfather a Quarter Horse trainer.  Jewel was shown in ranch sorting, versatility ranch.  The grandaughter has now gone to baseball and no more horses.  Jewel is an amazing horse. She will side pass, spin, open and close gates, work a cow and is an amazing pleasure to ride.  She fits our Tonkawood profile to a T.  If you want a great horse with exceptional breeding, She is a Peppy Sand Badger and Dry Doc.  She is bred to be a good one.  We recommend her for anyone that want to go and show immediately or just a great family horse that you can do anything on. We recommend her for children also. She is so low key in the pasture that you would not know she was there. We have in the pasture with geldings and a mare friend and she is great.