This amazing horse is a great find.  Bennie came from an owner that our buyer knows very well.  Bennie was used as a Houston Mounted Patrol horse.  These horses are not police horses but belong to the Patrol that use them for crowd control and finding lost people.  Bennie was the personal horse of the man and he was used for trail riding and patrol work.  He has done the big Saltgrass rides and many events.  The owner can no longer ride so we were able to get Bennie for our Tonkawood buyers.  HE IS ONE OF THE SAFEST HORSES WE HAVE EVER HAD. He has been there, done it and is completely sound and ready for a good new home.  Bennie is 15 years young, sound, and stands 15 hands.  If you are looking for a safe, great family horse for anyone to ride safely, we recommend this horse.