Now that the weather has given us a fall break, we are back with our horses for sale. He is a great one we call Wow.

If you are looking for the perfect family horse that is amazing look at Wow. Wow came from a working ranch. He is 13 years old. These are the type of horses we look for and love. They are broke, have worked for a living and now ready for a new job with children and families. Generally the ranch horses are transitioned out when they reach this age and the new one are put to work on the ranches. These great ranch horses are bred for work, soundness and stamina. As the ranches transition out they are getting harder and harder to find. We are blessed to get Wow. Miss Pam says he has to have the prefect home. We have some great videos of him with different students of Miss Pam’s riding school. Contact us to send videos for your review.