Well here is a beautiful Buckskin.  So many folks want this color.  Texas is a registered 9 year old ranch gelding.  He stands at 15 hands and is gentle, extremely well trained and and fun to ride. He does a great stop, will turn a 360 turn, open gates, go though the water (we have a lot from the rain) and generally do anything we have asked him to.  Miss Pam has had her students ride in and they love him.  We recommend him for any rider that has some experience as his training and good nature make him a great ride for anyone to ride and his training is fun for a rider that has some experience. He is a gentle guy in the pasture with no tendencies to be hard to catch or to be a dominent horse in the pasture. He is great with the farrier and will stand tied at the tree for as long as you ask him.  He is easy to bridle and saddle and stands when you mount. He is a great safe nice horse.