**      This week Splash was given to a Wounded Warrior project to use for the day He was a complete star!. We were asked by the group for the soldiers to help provide therapy horses for use in a confidence program.  Many of these guys were wounded in the war and were have PSTD problems. Horses are a great source of confidence building.

Splash is a big wonderful horse that came in from the Montana load that our buyer purchased in the Billings area.  He has worked a big ranch all his life. Splash was a go to horse on the ranch and even pulled a chuck wagon in a hitch when the cowboys were out on the range. He goes a good 1200 lbs and is a solid wonderful horse. He has been ridden this week in Miss Pam’s summer camp with the beginner riders.  He is a star and so well trained that the riders are not afraid and feel comfortable and secure. He is the kind of horse that judges his rider and moves accordingly.  If a seasoned rider rides rides him he is ready to go do a job, rope a cow, pull a wagon or trail ride.  Nice nice horse. Splash is 11 years old and stands 16 hands.



Splash with a soldier riding him this week.

Splash has this unusual color mark right down his right side. He is just to cool!




sold to Sonya Gasdia

Katy Texas   Congratulations!