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If you are looking for the ultimate safe horse for children or any adult that is a new rider, timid rider or just wants complete safety we recommend Smoke.  Smoke is a 14 year old ranch horse that Tonkawood sold to a family. We sold them two horses and then the Dad of the family decided that he wanted to purchase a big big horse for him to ride with the kids. We traded out Smoke for a huge horse we had called Luke.  Smoke has been ridden by all our riders but advanced and complete beginners.  He stands 15 hands tall. He is just a gem of a horse that judges his rider and behaves accordingly.  If he has a rank beginner on him he knows it and takes care of the rider. If he has a better rider he is fun, does all the tests over the bridge, through the noodles, over the tarp, around the tires and does his flying lead changes at a lope. He loves the trail and all the riders feel completely safe on him  He is Miss Pam’s go to horse for beginners. Smoke must have a perfect home. We have him pictured here with 11 year old Dillon on him.  Our next set of pictures shows our little Kate, age 7 riding Smoke through some of the tests we do here at Tonkawood.


Sold to Kathy Sullivan  Boerne Texas   Congratulations!