This great ranch horse is a keeper.  He has been a star and gone through all our tests with flying colors.This horse was raised and trained at the famous Four Sixes ranch in north Texas.  Check it out on their web sites. This horse know his job and is as nice as he is pretty. Major is 12 years old and stands just under 15 hands.He has the Four Six brand on him. He would make a great horses for versatile ranch shows or work on a weekend ranch. He knows his job plus is safe and good on a trail as that was his work all his life.*** this Sunday Oct. 16 Pam took Major to a big ranch in San Saba to work the cows. Pam said  ” Mom this is one of the best horses I have ever ridden. There were hogs, turkeys, water crossings a a big herd of Longhorns.  He went right into the herd, picked out the cows I wanted to sort, did his job by himself.  All I had to do was hang on to the horn.” He is a rare horse and is perfect for anyone that wants a great one. He will take the small children around the ring and on the trail, and any rider with not much confidence. He is so smart that he judges his rider.




Major will do a full 360 on the bridge!