(sale pending)Once in a while we get one of these great horses that have been true campaigners.  Maggie is a 18 year old mare that was a great cutting horse.  She has over #20,000 to her winnngs.  Her great charm is that she loves the chidlren riding her and is a complete teacher for any child that wants to learn to do some fun reining, some trail riding, play days or any type of riding to learn and enjoy safely.  We recommend her for any rider.  WE HAVE A PROFESSOR PROGRAM that Maggie is in.  When we get these older “teachers” we have a program where we will sell you the horse and agree to take it back when the child is through or you need a step up horse. We credit you for the return and get you a good next step.  Maggie is one of our great Professors. Videos are available.