Ok guys, here is a good one! Lynx is a 14 year old registered Quarter Horse.  He goes to Doc O Lena and Doc’s Lynx. He is bred to be a good one. He has done rodeo work, ranch work, poles and some barrels. Generally we do not sell barrel horses but he is an exception as his calm attitude and his willing way make him a good Tonkawood type horse. He is sharp to ride and really fun. Videos are available for review. We are showing 10 year old Cassidy on him for these pictures. If you are looking for a really good horse to do almost anything you would like to do with a horse, he is it.W recommend him for a rider that has some experience as his buttons and his great background are really fun for a rider that wants a good extremely well trained horse. He has no bad habits on the ground and is extremely willing to do anything his rider asks.






Haley and her new horse Lynx