Little Buck

This good looking Buckskin came to us via work as a pony horse at a race track.  He became available as the shut down of the tracks due to the virus has caused problems for the pony riders and so his owner was forces to sell him.  Our buyer loved him so he is now at Tonkawood for evaluation.  Little Buck has still not passed all his evaluation as he is still a big strong for our type of rider.  If you want a go go horse with lots of zoom, try him.  We hope to finish him this week as he is learning he does not have to hurry where ever he goes.  He safe, no buck no spook just wants to get on with it.  We love him and are continuing to tell him that slow is good! So far he is coming along really well with our student riders and hope to finish him this coming week. One of our students is riding him every day and loves him.