(sale pending)    Jake is a nine year old former ranch horse.  He just came in before the big rain.  He was taken on a big trail ride in the Houston area and was a star. Big wagons, many horses and people and he just went through it without a hitch. He is a wonderful horse for anyone that is a little timid or for any child.  This young horse has the best attitude. Truly

Jake has been one of the safest best horses to come to Tonkawood. He is a horse that family can ride, children, and what we call husband models ( that is a special horse for the family that wants Dad to ride and he is not to sure:) He will go anywhere we have asked him to go safely.  Pam has put her very small beginners on him and he is safe, nice and fun to ride. He is one of the special horses that checks out his rider and adapts accordingly.  We love Jake!




Sold to the Ballaw family   Brackenville Texas   Congratulations!