( sale pending) Gracie is a former polo horse.  We have had four now and they are amazing.  Our buyer has gotten a contact from a polo farm that contacts her when they transition out their polo horses.  These horses are amazing and trained so well as they must be to compete in the hard arena of the polo fields.  They are usually transitioned out by the age of 12. Gracie is just amazing and everyone here loves her. She is 12 years old and stands at 14 3 hands.  She is one of those horses that makes a decision who is riding her and accommodates the rider and their ability.  These horses are gems and extremely hard to find.  Gracie is one of these. She will take a small child anywhere or an adult for a great ride.  She is safe on the trail yet great in the ring with a beautiful slow lope. You will see that her mane is almost grown out.  Polo horses have their manes roached so that the rider does not get the reins caught in the mane as they speed along. It should turn over in about three weeks. Safety is our key here at Tonkawood and Gracie is the epitome of that. Videos are available!