Once in awhile we get these absolutley wonderful horses that can do it all.  Chesneys is one of them.  This horse is a 12 year old gelding that came off right off a ranch environment.  He has a brand on him and was surely ranch bred.  He has the best attitude you can possibly have.  We have Miss Pam’s spring camp on and he has been a star.  Yesterday he took a young boy, age 9 on the whole camp day experience.  This rider was what we call an advanced beginner.  Chesney took him on tandum riding, flag pole racing, going over obsticles, and over the poles with easy. He loves the trail and after the ring work the children go on the trail and he was perfect.  Chesney stands 14 3 hands.

Today he took a first time rider in the round pen and she ended up riding along.  This horse is great for anyone, experienced, beginner or inbetween to a fun safe ride.