Horses For Sale

Prices of our horses.

Our horses range from $3,000.00 to $6,500.  This is of course depending on the horse, age, background etc.  If you are interested in a particular horse just call us or email us for a price.

Buyer Assurance

The good horses we find are a result of many hours of travel by our buyer to find these great safe horses. You can buy many horses but the guarantee we give and the tests we undertake are critical to your purchase of a horse. We make sure our vet has checked them out, get new coggins, and their teeth are checked.  Buying a horse is a “big deal” and is a strong commitment.  Our goal is to work with you as a partner to find out the best match for you and the HORSE. A well placed horse in the right environment makes for a good combination for both.

Our policies and assurances are suited for the benefit or both horse and customer. We take extreme care to match owner to horse. You have one-week to try and make sure the animal is for you. If you do not get along with the horse, we will trade you for another of our fine horses! * We specialize in  Our horses are for western, English and trail riding. We encourage families and trainers to visit our facility.

When you want to see a picture of the horse that is listed below, click on the name of the horse and it will load up the pictures you want to see.  Thank You.

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  • Savanna - This beautiful Buckskin Mare is a gem.  She is 6 years old and has been started as a versatile ranch horse.  She will side pass, spin a circle, go over all the tests we put the horses through in our testing protocol.  She is a nice gentle horse that has a kind good attitude.  She is Read More...
  • Lorado - ( in evaluation)This beautiful true registered Buckskin gelding is 12 years old.  He  has passed all the tests we have asked with flying colors.  We will finish his work in evaluation this weekend but so far, he is great.  We know the former owners of this horse and he has had wonderful care, and has Read More...
  • Vhorell - (sale pending) This beauty is 8 years old and stands 15 2 hands.  He is a big one folks.  He is 8 years old and has done ranch work, heading and healing and rodeo work.  He is broke to death and we intend to finish him this week.  A BEAUTY!! Sold this week!
  • Roanie - This kind safe gelding has passed all his tests with easy and safety. Roanie went through the camp Miss Pam has last week and was a star.  He participated in all the fun and the contests with ease and the children and the adults in the camp loved him.  We recommend him for anyone that Read More...
  • Montana - (sale pending) This absolutely cool horse is a movie type horse that all folks that watch westerns want.  A true Buckskin with a confirmation that shows his beautiful body along with his buttermilk color is a sight to behold.  If you want a beautiful “typie” horse, watch for him to finish this week.  So far Read More...
  • Chicho Snicklefritz - Wow, want a pretty one with style and safety.  Snicklefritz is as Pam would say, “the goods”.  This beautiful registered black horse  came from Montana on a working ranch. He is 11 years old and stand 15 1 hands. We have had him in the ring and the woods with our young riders. He was Read More...
  • Some Little Badger - ( sale pending) This beautiful Bay registered Quarter Horse is a beauty.  He has the looks, breeding and the manners of a great representative of the Quarter horse breed.  Badger stands at 15 hands and is extremely gentle and well trained.  He does all the tests for our Tonkawood criteria and has not wavered on Read More...


Call us or email us. 830 693 8253 email is


Call us or email us. 830 693 8253 email is

What do we mean by sale pending?

Sale pending means that the horse has been sold and is out for the 7 day period.  Please see our guarantee.

We are so proud of our new owners and the good horses they have.  These safe guys are the backbone of the industry, hard to find and deserve a good home with loving families.  We are happy to say that all our “guys” are well placed and that makes our job fun and much easier.  Thank you all.

Pat and Pam

Our Designer horses!

We would like to ask our prospective buyers to give us a good description and outline of the horses you are looking for.   We would like to encourage you to email us, or call us telling us exactly what you are looking for in a horse. There are eight criteria we look at when we determine if we can “match” you to a horse. 1. Safety.  2. The need. What do you want to do with the horse? Trail ride, ranch ride, versatility play days etc.  3. What is your skill level? 4. Where are you keeping the horse? This allows us to determine the suitability of our horses to YOUR environment. 5. Are you going to haul your horses to ride? Obviously easy loading is a MUST. 6. What are the pasture mates? 7. Who is going to ride the horse? Children, family or single rider need is a question we ask. WHEN WE DETERMINE WHAT KIND OF PARTNER YOU NEED, THEN WE CAN FIND YOU A MATCH. 8. What price range are you looking in ? We ask you to come to Tonkawood for an evaluation ride so we can see what kind of partner you want and need that way with high gas prices you do not waste a trip to look for a horse and we can make a good match for you. Please note that we are not seeking to critize your riding as we get all kinds of riders, but our goal is to have you enjoy the horse, the sport and the love based on your needs and skills. If you come to Tonkawood and do an evaluation ride, we will then seek a partner for you, determine the suitability for you and then send you pictures.  If you live to far, then please give us as much information as you can so we can make sure we show you a candidate that suites your needs and suites the horse. If you like the horse,after an evaluation ride, we send pictures, and videos and if the look suites you, we will then HOLD the horse for you until you can come to see it. We also ask that you check out our sold column and give us an idea of the type of “look” you like.  That cuts down time, effort and money by pre qualifying a horse for you. We can also send you a VIDEO for review before you make the trip. Our horses must meet the standard of safety we require for all of them. No horse can be perfect at all times, and circumstances can occur that render the horse unsuitable or the rider not in tune. Some horses are better suited to individual needs than others, that is why we are asking you to give us a list so we can determine if and how a horse will suite your needs. Prices of our horses. Out horses range from $3,000 to $6,000.  This is of course depending on the horse, age, background etc.  If you are interested in a particular horse just call us for a price. 830 693 8253  Thanks