(sale pending)     Here is a grand old horse we call Trigger.  He is a professor that is a babysitter for children. Trigger is aged at 18 to 19 years old. Our vet has checked him out and he is sound and good to go. We recommend him for a family that wants a starter horse for the kids to learn on and to enjoy safely.  With our professor program after Trigger has done his job and taught the kids to ride or beginning adults for that matter we offer a trade back on him when the time comes to trade up.  Horses like Trigger are worth their weight in gold as starters for safety reliability and fun for beginning riders. We love these guys as they are the backbone of the horse industry.  If children and adults learn to ride on a good safe starter horse, the love of horses and riding lasts a lifetime.  Trigger is just that, a good professor.


Sold to the Slayton family  Coleman Texas