This wonderful horse is a Tonkawood horse that we sold to a family in Corpus Christi.  Now he has done his job and the children are on to other things and Bailey needs a new home.  Kinda like the story of Puff the Magic Dragon…we told his owners that if they did not need Bailey anymore please return him to us.  The have been wonderful and Bailey is back at Tonkawood.  He is a safe, fun horse that the kids love to ride.  Bailey is not 18 years young and looks like a young horse. We recommend him for any rider but he is not a complete beginner horse as he has some get up and go.  He is a great transition horse for a transition  rider that wants to move up a notch from absolute beginner.  Anyone looking for a great trail horse would love him.We can vouch for Bailey. He is a good horse, sound, true and safe. He is great for anyone that wants safety and a fun horse to ride. We are showing your young Kate riding him.  Kate is 7 years old. We will video him for you if you are interested.




Sold to Christi in Houston Texas  Congratulations